Robson St

Alex Mazerolle

Injury and illness brought Alex to the mat years ago, but the teachings of self love, compassion, and grace keep her there. Once she scratched the surface, she has never stopped digging – and brings that journey into her community through Girlvana Yoga – a program geared towards teen girls and their exploration of what it means to be a girl. Through yoga, body awareness, movement and varied dialogue, Alex taps into the heart of these girls – and creates space for them to be, well, them. In Alex’s classes, students are invited to be in their rawest form. She teaches a strong alignment based, fluid class whether it be Anusara, Power or Pilates. Alex has a knack for leading through a theme in her classes by weaving in intention, heart language and good music. You can always expect... Read the profile >>

Chris Manansala


Chris’s classes are safe spaces where you can expect to be challenged and supported all at once. His eclectic taste in music is a particularly conspicuous part of classes and keeps the room guessing throughout practice. As Chris sees it, yoga is the perfect context in which to heal. It gives as much as you do... often a little bit more. His integrated Restorative and massage based training creates a holistic approach to his leadership while in classes – from an anatomical standpoint to an understanding of emotional release associated with different postures. His classes leave you feeling beautifully whole and complete – each and every time. His inspiration? Seeing people make choices that move them closer to being the person they want to be. Read the profile >>

Danielle Mika Nagel

Chopra Yoga

Danielle completed her Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Certification under the guidance of certified teachers in the styles of Ashtanga, Anusara and Iyengar. In her Vinyasa Flow and Power classes, she invites her fellow yogis to have fun as they focus on their breath while weaving their way through a creative and challenging asana practice. Most recently, Danielle is the director of Chopra Yoga. Danielle is originally from Los Angeles, moved to Vancouver in 2009 and has taught at YYoga and Semperviva studios. In addition to yoga, she has taught vocal, dance and fitness classes in the US and is certified by the American Counsel on Exercise as a Group Fitness Instructor. Prior to her yoga career, she performed professionally in Broadway shows (Cats, Miss Saigon, Beauty and Beast and... Read the profile >>

Franceska (Frankie) Lavaggi

Chopra Yoga, Steve Nash, West Coast

Franceska Lavaggi strives to live and teach from the heart. She humbly shares the lessons passed down from her teachers both past and present in such a way that her students connect to their ultimate divinity, strength, peace and freedom. Franceska is a 200 RYT in Hatha Yoga and has studied a myriad of styles through the guidance of today's most respected and honorable teachers. She continues to develop her own method based on sound alignment, connection to energetic pathways of body and most importantly, the proper use of the breath. Her classes will present elements of challenge, awareness and ease. Franceska is most passionate about creating a space where everyone can access the pure potential of their practice. Read the profile >>

Linda Wong

Can you do what you love and love what you do? Absolutely! Born in Hong Kong and raised in Vancouver, Linda’s focus growing up was always on school, without an athletic bone in her body. So, when her company entered a corporate team in the Vancouver Sun Run, she was reluctant to commit but eventually did with the encouragement of her manager. Who knew this would change everything going forward? Now, almost 10 years since lacing up her first pair of runners, over 100 road and trail races, and a Boston Marathon under her belt, Linda's "hobby" has transformed into the main focus of her personal and professional life. She rapidly became a "race junkie", addicted to the electrifying energy and positive people. This addiction eventually fuelled her passion and enthusiasm in the... Read the profile >>

Mike Porter

Cadence Cycling Studio

Mike Porter has been an athlete his entire life. Growing up in a household where sports were always a priority led Mike to understand from an early age that being physically active leads to living a life you love. He was inspired to build Cadence when a move to Vancouver in 2008 brought him the opportunity to extend his love of health & fitness to a wider audience. Recognizing the need for fitness classes’ people could fall in love with, combined with his dedication to empowering people to reach their full potential, Cadence became a reality. If you want to get Mike excited, ask him about one of his class participants, most of whom he calls friends. Mike’s passion for supporting people in their life & fitness goals comes through each detail at Cadence – his... Read the profile >>

Suzanne Slocum-Gori

One Yoga For The People

Suzanne’s teachings reveal the celebration of courage and encourage students to dissolve the barriers that keep them from being open and authentic. Suzanne invites students to playfully move through a sensitive and ingenious practice in order to cultivate more intimacy with their breath, body, mind and community. Suzanne’s time & heart is also devoted to mentoring & teaching teachers. As a former certified Yoga Works ™ Instructor, Suzanne explored the Iyengar and Ashtanga lineages while living in Los Angeles. She studied the Anusara tradition extensively for the past six years. Suzanne is Co-Founder & Co-Owner of One Yoga for the People in Vancouver and holds a doctorate within Educational and Counselling Psychology. Suzanne conducts 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher... Read the profile >>