Mid City

Jan Denecke

After finishing a four-year teacher course of Hatha yoga I started teaching yoga in 2007. After that I studied Kids’ yoga. My quest to understand more about yoga and alignment brought me to Ashtanga yoga and in 2010 I completed a 300-hour teacher training Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. In finding the true path in yoga and becoming an inspiring teacher I love to be inspired by all my students and other teachers like David Swenson, David Williams and Sarah Powers. Last year September I moved from the Netherlands to Australia to be with my partner. For nearly 36 years I lived in the Netherlands being a part time yoga teacher with my own studio and working freelance for different publishers as a writer/(chief)editor/. With no regrets and with an open heart I sacrificed everything for the most... Read the profile >>

Oliver Smith

Oliver’s journey to CrossFit first began in 2007 when he became a qualified personal trainer. After watching a video of females smashing through muscle ups and air squats, Oliver was hooked. He believes your level of fitness has a direct impact on your quality of life. The more the pendulum swings away from sickness towards fitness, the better your quality of life. Oliver’s training will help you remain healthy and start your shift towards fitness. Oliver caters for all people regardless of their shape and size, whether you would like to play with the children/grandchildren for longer; excel at your sport; work in the garden without being puffed; ride the slopes for longer or be able to stay in the lineup and not come in to the beach to rest . Oliver is certified as a CrossFit level 1... Read the profile >>

Vicki Smart


Vicki landed in Sydney from the UK in 2008 looking for a life change. She started practicing nearly ten years ago, she found her calling as a teacher whilst looking to advance and deepen her practice, which motivated her to begin her teacher training through Power Living Australia. Vicki's journey through yoga has led her in many directions, starting out mainly in Power Yoga, then moving through Jivamukti and Kundalini. Vicki found Anusara in 2010 and was drawn to its combination of heart and strength, of courage, and compassion. It was here where she found the crucible of the yoga, and began her journey anew. Vicki began teaching in 2010 and has since developed a teaching style which fuses strength, passion, humour and compassion. In Vicki's classes you can expect to challenge... Read the profile >>