Eton Chagrin

Amy Schneider

Cleveland Yoga

Amy Schneider was born and raised in Beachwood, OH. She was introduced to yoga in High School by her stepmom, Tami Schneider. The physical benefits of the practice inspired Amy from the beginning, but it wasn't until Tami Schneider and Diana Vitantonio signed her up for a Baptiste teacher training that she started to connect to the mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of yoga. This sense of connection changed the way Amy viewed her yoga practice and her life. "That's also why I love the culture at lululemon athletica. It's all about being connected to your greatest self and inspiring others to do the same. Whether it's through goal setting, creating community, pushing people out of their comfort zones, or encouraging people to be active, yoga and lululemon athletica are about... Read the profile >>

Diana Vitantonio

Cleveland Yoga

Diana Vitantonio is a teacher, storyteller, healer and soul activist. She has dedicated her life to guiding people toward the path of their soul. She is very grateful to anyone that shows up no matter when, or how or why. It's brave to want to heal your life and there is not a day that goes by that she does not feel deeply moved by another and their commitment to greater health and healing. This is what inspires her about all forms physical exercise. Whether it's yoga, running, crossfit, dancing, or whatever, the human body is capable of such greatness. It's a vehicle of truth that reminds us that we are powerful beyond measure. Diana is amazed by the way lululemon athletica lives the principle of giving without expectations. She reminds herself each day to show up and serve... Read the profile >>

Joel Woods

CrossFit Independence

Joel loves his job, he absolutely loves it. He feels so blessed to have the opportunity to work with his staff and members to help them be “better” through CrossFit. His mission is to empower ordinary people to lead extra-ordinary lives by pursuing elite fitness through the strength and conditioning components of classes and the dynamics of being part of the CrossFit Independence Community. Joel has been a fitness professional since becoming a Certified NSCA Personal Trainer in 2002, and he was first introduced to the CrossFit model of training in 2005. After months of serious research into CrossFit, he really felt compelled to find a way to open his very own box in 2011 and share what he is so passionate about with the community. Joel's journey with lululemon athletica started... Read the profile >>

Ryan Speed

CrossFit Distinction

I have found joy in movement for as long as I can recall. Running around in the woods of TN as a child. Skateboarding and swimming along the beaches of South FL as a teenager. Long solo runs down forgotten paths and side roads brought peace and solitude as an infantryman in my early 20's. Moving my body through space; over rocks and fallen trees, down dirty trails and along streams has been part of me for longer than I've known. In 2006 feeling the need to move, to be outside, I decided to sign up for the Akron Marathon and "knock that off my bucket list". At the time I would never have guessed it would be the catalyst it was, but in the training for that marathon I was introduced to long distance trail running - which has been life transforming. I found race distances from 50k to 100... Read the profile >>

Scott Supler

Cleveland Yoga / Cleveland Yoga Uptown

Scott Supler was dragged to his first yoga class, filled with every preconceived notion about yoga one can imagine. Resistant to his best buddy's constant pleas to try yoga, he finally (and reluctantly) gave in. It was a life-changing decision. After years of running and gym workouts, coupled with the stresses of work, grad school and everyday life, yoga provided a much-needed release of physical and mental tension that almost immediately translated into vastly increased happiness and a subsequent spiritual uplifting. He came back to his mat, day after day -- sometimes twice a day -- to tap into a power inside that his yoga practice extracted out of him. After years of experiencing the greatness offered to him by his practice and his teachers, he knew his calling was to become a teacher... Read the profile >>

Ylonda Rosenthal-Greene

Inner Bliss Yoga Studio

Ylonda is a Cleveland native, and yoga teacher and assistant at Inner Bliss Yoga Studio in Rocky River and Westlake. In search of peace and serenity after the birth of her third child, and after receiving her diagnosis of Lupus, she intrinsically knew that Yoga was the perfect, all-inclusive path to wellness for her. As a professional cellist/teacher, she found the profound connection between the breath and flow of her music, and that of her Yoga practice. Ylonda is passionate about bringing a complete Yoga practice (asana, pranayama, chanting, and meditation) to everyone regardless of his or her economic status or physical limitations. Ylonda enjoys the community lululemon athletica brings to Cleveland, and hopes to experience more of the lululemon outreach to other communities in the US... Read the profile >>