Park Royal

Heather McEwen

Northshore Elements YYoga

My love for movement and bodily expression began from a very young age. I studied classical ballet and other forms of dance for 15 years before heading to University of Toronto to study Literature and Drama. I discovered Yoga ten years ago in my transition between dancer and student. It became my outlet of expression, my method of movement and my guiding light. I found my strength grew in new and exciting ways, and my ability to breathe and be in the moment was awakened and given new life. I continued with my practice while studying as well as dancing with a company in Toronto. I have volunteered and worked for numerous studios where I have been inspired by countless amazing students and teachers. When I returned to Vancouver 4 years ago, I completed my first Yoga Teacher... Read the profile >>

Jamie Armstrong

Method Personal Training

As owner of Method Personal Training, Jamie’s enthusiasm for health and fitness is legendary. He comes by his passion honestly, and precisely. He remembers the exact moment he decided to dedicate his life, both professionally and recreationally to athletics and wellness. “I was in grade one, and my teacher put me in a race for kids in grade three. I remember the huge feeling of accomplishment I felt when I returned to the classroom, and I thought to myself, ‘this is what I am supposed to do.’ I haven’t stopped running since,” says Jamie. The heartbeat of Method is unquestionably Jamie’s. He trains, day in day out, a full roster of clients with his undying attention to detail, expertise and enthusiasm. When Method opened its doors in 2008 it was a great moment for the... Read the profile >>

Marieve Legrand

I have always loved sports, the outdoors, and generally being as active as I can be. I started cross-country running at the age of 11, and even though I switched to playing basketball throughout high school and university, I always enjoyed running, considering it a perfect way to maintain endurance. I work as an occupational therapist and I am also a mother of two. Over the years, running has been my way to escape, clear my head, push my limits and generally recharge my head and body. It has given me so many great memories as well as many new friendships. It has also been a way for me to push myself towards accomplishing new goals and I know it will continue to do so for as long as I keep running. As much as I love running – and I’ll run anywhere! – I am definitely partial to... Read the profile >>

Norrie Zaplatynsky

Barre Fitness North Shore

Born and raised in Vancouver, Norrie spent her first 20 years devoted to dance. After completing her ballet studies through RAD, and competing in Jazz and Contemporary Dance, Norrie spent a year traveling the Caribbean performing onboard the Norwegian Sun cruise ship. Realizing the need to balance her dancing with some practical exposure, she went to the University of Western Ontario to complete a Bachelors Degree. Upon returning to Vancouver, Norrie furthered her studies with a Marketing Communications Certificate from BCIT and landed a position with ad advertising agency here in Vancouver. She stumbled upon a brand new Barre Fitness studio in Yaletown on her way home from work one day, back in August 2010, and this led her to where she is today. As a client at the studio from day... Read the profile >>

Todd Inouye


I see the rock face from a new rushing-molasses perspective as it sweeps past me in super-slow-motion. I hear the sweet aluminum jangle of my climbing rack as the pieces hang suspended, whimsically knocking each other across my chest in the foreground. I'm falling upside-down plunging off the Split Pillar of the Grand Wall of the Chief... and the clouds look so beautiful today. I'm being stomped on the chest with one bare foot and my hand is being crushed beyond feeling as it provides the leverage for that heel dig into my ribs even deeper... Then I see what looks like a patch of blood, no its fine black hair as it emerges and then retreats back into excruciating warmth. Again and then again... retreat. With support of a hand and a final push her head moves forward and seems frozen in... Read the profile >>