Toronto : Sherway Gardens

Leandra Antonutti

I was introduced to yoga four years ago when I started working at lululemon. Growing up as a dancer and being extremely involved in the CrossFit community, yoga always seemed quite boring to me. If I didn’t feel like my heart was going to beat out of my chest and if I wasn’t sweating a lot, I had no interest in it.
Shortly after, I met Pauline whom introduced me to Power Yoga Canada. Pauline is my mentor, dear friend and inspiration. From the moment I hit my mat in my first class at PYC, I knew this wasn’t just yoga, but rather a way of life.
Pauline recommended I do my Teacher Training in Catskills, NY with Baron Baptiste that summer. It was the most powerful week I’ve ever experienced. I went to simply better my practice and had no intention of teaching. By the end of this journey, I experienced a total mind, body, and soul transformation both on my mat and in my life. I left inspired to teach and felt challenged and ready to take action in my life. As both a student and teacher, I feel the importance of inspiring others to step up to their growing edge and live a life they love. Baron Baptiste, Pauline and Kinndli have each taught me the significance of being BIG in my life and living with passion and purpose, a lesson I am forever indebted for.
After working for lululemon for four years, I left to follow my dreams and open up a yoga studio. I am extremely grateful for all that I have learned and gained during my time with the company. The ambassador program is an amazing opportunity for me to simply give back to the company and community after all they have given to me! Once a lemon, always a lemon. See you on your mat!