Sydney : Balmain

Lucia Hamzova


Lucia has always had a passion for fitness, wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle and has been involved in Fitness for over 10 years and decided to take it to the next level when she moved to Australia.

Lucia completed her fitness studies at Fitness Institute of Australia and had began her fitness career as Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, specialising in the Les Mills Programs Body Attack and Body Pump. Lucia is well known at Sydney Gyms, however dedicates most of her instructing to her local community at Gillys in Drummoyne.

Lucia has always been passionate about running, but had to reassess things in 2008 due to hip injury which forced her to stop running until she recovered.
Lucia met Chi Running coach J-R in 2009 and her relationship with running injuries was done forever.

Chi Running is effortless, efficient, injury free and pain free running. The focus is on relaxation and body sensing, allowing the chi to flow through the body, which together with the correct postural alignment creates a running form that reduces impact and makes running a safer sport.

Lucia completed her Chi Running Certification in 2010 and has been coaching people of all fitness levels to chi run since.