Sydney : Balmain

Dean Harding

Dean has been using Power Plate as his main training tool over the last 5 years after first discovering it whilst living in London. Dean was immediately stunned at how his body felt during and after that first session, which left him wanting to know more about it. Dean became qualified in coaching and instructing Power Plate sessions and has never looked back. After returning home to Australia and being shocked to discover that there were no studios or gyms using Power Plate, he established Body Transformation Centre, the home of cutting edge Power Plate training here in Australia.

Further learning and studies from the top experts in vibration training has now established Dean as part of an exclusive club, a Power Plate Master Trainer, one of only 5 in Australia. Dean is also responsible for training and educating the next crop of Power Plate trainers.

Body Transformation Centre specializes in elite sports performance, weight loss programs and specialist group training. Dean is also an educator and speaker on health and wellness solutions for corporates, businesses and individuals.