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Angela Freeman


I'm Angela Freeman. I have a unique strength training program at my private gym here in Ketchum Idaho. My gym rocks because I have a lot of super fun people who train with me, we crank the music (mainly Gaga or the 80ties) and we get strength and cardio done at the same I'm committed to making sure it's always different. (who wants to do the same workout all the time... ugh) I am on a path of ALWAYS loving what is which is sometimes really easy because I am married to the love of my life, am owned by 4 wiener dogs, rock a cool job AND am currently in school studying the psychology of eating (cool job number two coming up). YAY. My favorite workouts (and I only do workouts I love because otherwise ick): my gym workouts, skinning up the mountain on my split board, swimming... Read the profile >>

Beth Stuart

I have been practicing yoga for over ten years. I knew i wanted to share my love and passion for yoga through teaching immediately. For me, vinyasa yoga provides that connection and rhythm with the breath enabling me to drop out of the mind and truly be present in the moment. It’s this mediation through movement that i love about yoga. I sequence my classes to music encouraging my students to color outside of the lines. I love inversions and arm balances, being playful in your practice and remembering it's about the journey not the destination. My favorite pose is pincha mayurasana or forearm stand. It is a beautifully challenging inversion and arm balance. I love this pose because you must truly be in the moment to achieve this asana, cultivating that awareness in the body and mind. Read the profile >>

Cathie Caccia

YMCA/Gather Studio/Zenergy/Pure Body Pilates

Cathie Caccia began her Yogic studies 1984 and immediately appreciated yoga’s capacity to quiet the mind, clear the emotions and guide the practitioner home to the Self. Captivated by the physical, energetic and philosophical aspects of the practice Cathie embarked on what is proving to be a life long study and love of Yoga. Her most influential teachers have been; Rodney Yee, John Friend, Dharma Mittra, Rod Stryker Judith Lasater, Patricia Walden and MANY more. Cathie has extensive training in Shiatsu, acupressure and massage and a particular affinity to Sanskrit chanting. Cathie’s classes combine her love of yoga, Chinese energetics and sacred sound to support her students in accessing their inner wisdom and essential self. Teaching Yoga since 1987, Cathie is registered with Yoga... Read the profile >>

Jacqui Terra

Pure Body Pilates/Gather Studio/YMCA

My interest in movement of the body began when I witnessed my first ballet class at age 3. A love affair with dance ensued and I practiced ballet, jazz, modern and tap in the Wood River Valley and then continued through college. During high school I began dabbling in yoga and Pilates to further my dance practice. In 1998 I completed Kelly Kane’s Physical-Mind Institute Pilates certification. I also have my 500 RYT/200 E-RYT through Yoga Alliance since 2008. I am a committed student of yoga and the Pilates method and hope to deliver the gift of mindful movement, and awareness of the inner teacher in an approachable, fun and interesting way. I keep busy teaching vinyasa-flow, gentle yoga, introductory yoga, group mat, and private lessons in both Yoga and Pilates. I am Yoga Director at... Read the profile >>

Sandi Hagel

YMCA/Gather Studio/Zenergy

Sandi Hagel, L.Ac is a licensed acupuncturist, yoga instructor and nature lover. Originally from the Midwest, Sandi gravitated west to pursue her love of the outdoors as well as an ever-expanding education. She recently returned to Ketchum after spending half of 2013 working in Thailand and continues to exhibit her LOVE to travel as well as her willingness to expand on her life experiences. All in all, Sandi continues to evolve and likes to keep things exciting by being both a wisdom and thrill-seeker! Sandi has been practicing Chinese Medicine since 2006 and is trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as the 5-element tradition. She also uses her shamanic studies with Soncovia, a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a keen intuition to help guide her healing practice both... Read the profile >>