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community events

  • April 4
    9:00 AM
    Namaste @ 9

    Francesco Pireddu -- NuYuga (Hatha Yoga)

    Yoga teaches us to nurture and explore the most powerful instrument we have: our breath. Breathing, slowly and deeply, allows us to be present at any given moment: there is no past, no future. We are here now. That is all that matters. By combining breath and asanas (Yoga postures) we have the chance to heal ourselves and see things differently. We are truly transformed, both physically and emotionally. In my class I pay attention to alignment. There is no rush, and nothing is forced … it all comes naturally.

  • April 11
    9:00 AM
    Namaste @ 9

    Kevin Bachman -- NuYuga (Restorative)

    Having struggled with insomnia as a teenager, I have diligently pursued techniques that have allowed me to relax.  In my restorative class, I create a nurturing environment with music, aromatherapy and gentle hands on adjustments.  I will introduce you to a multitude of methods that will calm your nervous system and pave the way to experiencing deeper states of serenity, renewal and sleep.  Being ale to approach challenging endeavors with a fresh perspective, will quickly and efficiently replenish our vitality ... which is the cornerstone of a successful life.

  • April 18
    9:00 AM
    Namaste @ 9

    Lisa Gurley -- Posture Cycle, Body Language

    I believe everyone should feel comfortable moving in their own bodies. Fitness can be scary, challenging, even daunting. But with nurturing and guidance, we can all get there. I have journeyed through injury and weight loss and have seen the positive effects that can be realized through hard work with caring instructors. With a focus on core strength and posture, I will help you through your own journey to become fit and active. I look forward to building your inner strength, both mentally and physically, as you move to the rhythm of great music... revving you up from the inside out, as you realize the strength of your own muscles. 

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