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community events

  • July 5
    9:30 AM
    Sunday Salutations: Yoga Class

    Complimentary in-store yoga class taught by local instructors/studios. Mats provided. All levels and ages welcome.

  • July 5
    9:30 AM
    July Studio of the Month - The Yoga Room

    July 5th - Victoria Greene

    July 12th - Wesley Collier

    July 19th - Juliana Mitchell

    July 26th - Carlos Rodriguez


    Victoria grew up in Cambridge, just North of London. As a Professor of Modern Dance technique she discovered the healing benefits of yoga when she needed to find relief from her lingering dance injuries. Victoria quickly became hooked on yoga because it worked so well for her. Victoria's primary concern as an instructor is working safely with you toward your own personal goals. With firm but gentle guidance, she will lead you to better understand the brilliance and complexity of your physical body. Through her many years of teaching she has seen that our limitations are often mental and not physical ones, and can help you break through your own boundaries and find physical freedom to do whatever it is you want to do. Victoria offers a creative and fluid vinyasa flow with emphasis on mindful movement connected with breath.

    Victoria is the program manager at The Yoga Room and leads the 200hr teacher training program.


    Wesley started practicing yoga sporadically in 2000 to compliment his hobby as a marathon/ultramarthon runner. In 2006 he recieved his yoga teaching certification with Jimmy Barkan and The Barkan Method Hot Yoga and Hot Vinyasa. Today Wesley is one of Jimmy Barkans senior teachers, assisting with the Barkan Method training programs in Florida, New York and, San Jose,Costa Rica. Step on the mat and accept who you are and where you are.I still enjoy the physical and psychological challenges of the practice. It never gets old for me. Just me, the mat, and all my stuff to work through. In March 2005 I recieved my Certification with Jimmy Barkan and The Barkan Method in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In 2006 I was certified in The Barkan Method Level II and III advanced. I intend to learn more, grow more and share more in this lineage of hatha. I strive to make my classes a safe, fun, comfortable, and challenging space to BrEaThE and BE.


    Juliana was introduced to yoga by her mom when she was 11 and has been studying the breath since age 18. She teaches Vinyasa, Restorative and Prenatal Yoga full time in NYC, passing along what she’s learned from Master and Senior teachers in India, Italy and the US. Jules is certified in Vinyasa through OM Yoga and is long-time student of Judith Hanson-Lasater, with whom she studies anatomy and kinesiology, among other topics. On occasion, she has the privilege of assisting Judith. In Juliana’s capacity as teacher of teachers, she’s on faculty for The Yoga Room’s 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training; she leads her Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training twice annually (once at The Yoga Room and once as a part of Sacred Sounds Yoga’s 300-hour TT) and is part of The Yoga Room’s mentorship program. Jules has taught in 6 countries across 3 continents, and whether teaching meditation in the penthouse of The Plaza or leading free classes for pregnant homeless teens, whether training other yoga teachers or teaching brand new beginners – she rejoices in the opportunity to share her great respect of Yoga. Expect her classes to be full of humor and of non-judgmental love for the body-mind-spirit.



    As a native New Yorker, Carlos has practiced martial arts for 4 years and has always been an avid runner. However, it was practicing yoga that truly changed his life. He found a stability and comfort in the notion of combining physical activity with the art of meditation and self realization. The practice of yoga on and off the mat opened Carlos’s heart to volunteering with terminally ill children and spreading the gift of life with others. Spiritually touched by the intense power of Yoga, Carlos realized his life’s purpose was to help others realize their potential to create breakthroughs and be empowering. Carlos is living proof of the profound effects and changes that can be created through yoga. With intense dedication Carlos now spreads the gift of yoga enthusiastically with a challenging and spiritually driven flow. Carlos is committed to helping others realize their dreams and the potential that lies within.


  • July 8
    6:45 PM
    Run Club

    We will meet at the store at 6:45 and head to the 72nd Street Transverse to meet up with the Run Club from the Madison Ave. store! All running ability levels are welcome. Grab a friend, co-worker or family member and come join in on the action. If it's your first time to Run Club, please come in around 6:30 PM, otherwise we'll meet and leave the store by 6:45. We have a place to change and leave your belongings if you have plans after! HEAVY rain/snow cancelations are made ASAP. Don't forget to drink fresh water all day!

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