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July 1-July 31 Mindful Minute Jar. Come take a Mindful slip and enjoy a mindful break. Read all about it with articles available in store.

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  • July 12
    9:30 AM
    Sunday Morning Yoga

    Instructor henry McMillan from Hollywood Power Yoga will lead our class!

    Henry McMillian / Co-Owner Hollywood Power Yoga


    I practice yoga because it makes me feel good. It has helped transform both my physical body and my mind into a person who moves through life with a little more clarity and a lot less stress. I teach yoga because I enjoy sharing the amazing benefits of this practice with everyone. When you come practice yoga with me you can be sure to expect a great time and walk out feeling lighter, stronger, and a bit more prepared to take on this crazy city. I love handstands the most, but don't worry; I won't make anyone go upside down unless they want to learn!

    Robertson Store



    Join us at 9:30 for a Sunday morning flow!


  • July 18
    11:00 AM
    Essential Oils Booth

    What does "present time" smell like? Come find out.

  • July 19
    9:30 AM
    Sunday Morning Yoga

    Alexis Renee from Hollywood Power Yoga will lead our class!

    Through my practice I have discovered an inner peace - something I describe as a "profound body, mind and spiritual, shifting experience." Realizing how transformative yoga can be I’m on a mission to devoting my time teaching its benefits, like: relaxation, love, light and peace. My classes are designed to gently guide students along their evolving path improving physical alignment and mental awareness. With practice you will learn how to live your life well, handle emotions and relate to others achieving peace and happiness within. It all leads to inner calmness, a better "you" and mostly a life you'll come to love.

    Robertson Store



    Join us at 9:30 for a Sunday morning flow!


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