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105 South Robertson Boulevard
Los Angeles, California, United States
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Mon-Fri: 10:00AM - 8:00PM
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July 1-July 31 Mindful Minute Jar. Come take a Mindful slip and enjoy a mindful break. Read all about it with articles available in store.

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  • July 5
    9:30 AM
    Sunday Morning Yoga

    Instructor Liz Esperson from Hollywood Power Yoga will lead us in store!

    NYC native just dancing and running through life-until a switch was flipped in that first yoga class. The intrigue inspired a daily practice, multiple trainings, followed by years of teaching, training other teachers, and now opening this beautiful yoga studio with four great friends.

    This beautiful practice transformed my life/mind/body. My classes are designed to help you do the same-empower you on every level. We start where you are-through vigorous movement, precise alignment and smart sequencing you will soon discover there are no limits to what you can do! I hope you get hooked on the sweat, smiles and deep meditation at the end of each class.


    Robertson Store



    Join us at 9:30 for a Sunday morning flow!


  • July 12
    9:30 AM
    Sunday Morning Yoga

    Instructor henry McMillan from Hollywood Power Yoga will lead our class!

    Henry McMillian / Co-Owner Hollywood Power Yoga


    I practice yoga because it makes me feel good. It has helped transform both my physical body and my mind into a person who moves through life with a little more clarity and a lot less stress. I teach yoga because I enjoy sharing the amazing benefits of this practice with everyone. When you come practice yoga with me you can be sure to expect a great time and walk out feeling lighter, stronger, and a bit more prepared to take on this crazy city. I love handstands the most, but don't worry; I won't make anyone go upside down unless they want to learn!

    Robertson Store



    Join us at 9:30 for a Sunday morning flow!


  • July 18
    11:00 AM
    Essential Oils Booth

    What does "present time" smell like? Come find out.

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