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The Commons


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community events

  • October 4
    9:30 AM
    Restorative Movement with Sean Kim

    Sean received his bachelor's degree in Physical Education from Kon-Kuk University in Seoul, Korea and has been working in the fitness industry as a movement/performance specialist and fitness consultant for years. 


    He has helped a wide variety of clients with goals ranging from weight loss to total body transformation, to those wanting to improve athletic development, reduce pain, rehabilitate injuries, or who simply want to move more proficiently.


    The Culture of Fitness restorative training system helps restore our original strength and to move the way we are meant to move.


    A skills based,total body, integrated system of strength and conditioning, this class will focus on quality of movement, not quantity, while you burn calories and experience the benefits of corrective exercise.

  • October 5
    6:00 PM
    Run Club

    With Sarah. We meet up at the store before our runs and we hope to see you there!

  • October 11
    9:30 AM
    Vinyasa Flow with Hilary Fischer

    This vinyasa sequence will help build strength and flexibility. You will move at a moderate pace, and is set to contemporary music. This class will invigorate your entire body!!

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