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community events

  • March 29
    9:30 AM
    Nicole Boyce Classical Pilates Mat Class

    Nicole will be teaching a total body conditioning to increase strength,flexibility and endurance emphasizing the alignment of the pelvis and spine as well as conscious breathing for a strong core.

    A little information about Nicole! Growing up, everyone called me tumbleweed. Probably because I was always in the middle of a somersault. I was an athlete from the beginning, competing in gymnastics, figure skating, and ballet. Diagnosed with scoliosis at age 12, I was prescribed Pilates mat exercises to prevent further curvature of the spine. I have been practicing ever since. Pilates is the foundation. My students develop the core strength, increased flexibility, and physical awareness they need to keep their bodies healthy and their minds happy.

  • March 30
    6:00 PM
    Run Club

    With Sarah. We meet up at the store before our runs and we hope to see you there!

  • March 30
    7:00 PM
    yoga tune up

    Laurie Streff-Kostman is teaching March 16th & March 30th after run club for some yoga tune up. 

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