6th and Lamar


6th and Lamar


1114 West 5th Street
Austin, Texas, United States
(512) 474-2659


Mon-Fri: 10:00AM - 7:00PM
Sat: 10:00AM - 7:00PM
Sun: 11:00AM - 6:00PM

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community events

  • August 30
    9:00 AM
    David Garza Bike Ride Bootcamp

    Come prepare your body for a bike ride in this unique bootcamp with David Garza. (No actual bike ride will take place during this bootcamp :))

  • September 1
    7:30 PM
    Bike Workshop with Chase Peregoy

    Come hang out with our very special Store Manager Chase Peregoy as he takes us through a bike workshop in store at 7:30pm

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store ambassadors

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