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community events

  • March 28
    10:30 AM
    Ryan I Budokon London

    Ryan is the Director of Budokon UK and Global Master Trainer. He began his training at the age of seven in the Martial arts, studying various forms throughout the years, he became intrigued by the similarities and connection with yoga and in his early 20’s pursued further knowledge. An unexpected journey unfolded to see him have the opportunity to train with many world leaders and be invited to represent organisations such as Budokon, UFC and Nike, teaching in various places including Scandinavia, America, South America, Caribbean and the United Kingdom. Now a national and international teacher and personal trainer of yoga, martial arts and functional fitness, with 25-years of experience in the mind and movement arts and 12 years teaching experience. Working with many including A-list Celebrities, Professional Athletes and Royalty. A truly unique passion for his work is felt, his classes are rooting and playful, yet athletic and challenging, with sweat and smiles in abundance 

    Class Description: 

    Budokon translates to 'The way of the Spiritual Warrior', was developed by Cameron Shayne and headed up by European Master Teacher Ryan CM. The physical style comprises of a combination if Yoga, Martial Arts, Animal Fitness, and seated Meditation. The practice itself focuses on 6 pillars or applied sciences of Yoga Asana, Mixed Martial Arts, Holistic Nutrition, Philosophy, Life Coaching, & Meditation. 

    In this workshop we will learn how your evolutionary past and animal instincts can ignite your yoga practice with power, strength, grace and agility. Playing with specific techniques such as rolling vinyasa, dancing dog, kicking lion, and coiling dragon, we will look at various sections of the art form, taking a trip into the Jungle where we will play leap with leopards, spin with monkeys and, walk with Giraffes! We will introduce subtle elements from the Yogic Arts Style also. Peaceful Warriors of all levels welcome.

    This event is complimentary as always. Please arrive early to make sure you get a space, as it's first come, first mat. All levels welcome.

  • March 29
    10:30 AM
    1st birthday bonanza with Emily-Clare Hill

    Happy 1st Birthday lululemon athletica Covent Garden! 

    Come celebrate with us with a fantastic complimentary yoga class run by our wonderful ambassador, Emily-Clare Hill. 

    Emily: "I came to yoga aged 18, finding yoga as a great release whilst at university in London. I started my journey dropping in and out of various styles trying to find the one that resonated most with me. The truth is that my style and needs change day to day but the one that always spoke to me and shone was and is creative Vinyasa flow classes. Coming from a dance back and being so interested in the body and anatomy, Vinyasa gave me a little of everything I needed.

    Four years later I decided to become a Vinyasa Flow Instructor. I am now500RYT (an advanced qualified instructor), teaching graceful yet dynamic yoga flow classes in London. I love the freedom of creativity that Vinyasa allows me. I create intelligently sequenced classes; focusing on alignment and mindful placement, whilst being fun, strong and fresh.

    Within my classes I bring together all aspects of yoga, breath, body, mind and spirit. I hope to bring a deeper awareness of the body, through movement and the mind through focus and Pranayama (breathing)."

    This event is complimentary as always. Please arrive early to make sure you get a space, as it's first come, first mat. All levels welcome.

  • March 29
    6:30 PM
    visions + goals coaching session

    Join the lululemon athletica team lululemon athletica Covent Garden for an evening of setting goals and reaching into your 10-year vision.

    We will support you in living a life you love and getting clear and connected to what you want in your life. With exploration of what personal, health and career mean to you.

    You will create a picture of who you are and what you will have achieved in the next 10 years, and invite you to write a draft of this exciting glimpse into your future. 

    *light food + juice will be provided* 



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