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1485 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3G 0W4
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Mon-Fri: 10:00AM - 9:00PM
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community events

  • February 14
    8:00 AM
    We Heart [opener] You - Partner Thai Yin Yogassage

    Join us in-store on Valentine's day for a super special treat that is sure to make your heart open and your smile brighten.

    Join Monica Angelatos as we explore a lazy yogi’s practice. You and your partner or whomever you choose to bring, will share in a mutual un-Thai-ing of each other’s emotional and physical knots, through the therapeutic techniques of Thai bodywork. Thai Massage is a therapeutic, soothing and deep practice. You will learn techniques such as palming, thumbing, pressing and stretching. We’ll move through a series of applied yoga poses that open the joints, lengthen the muscles and stretch connective tissues. Stimulating the tissues causes stagnated energy to become unblocked and flow through the Sen energy lines, restoring balance in the body and leaving you and your partner with a deep sense of well being.

    No experience is required. Monica will provide clear, easy-to-follow directions to create a safe environment for your exploration. Bring a partner with whom you feel comfortable being in close contact. You will leave the workshop feeling the bliss of having had a great yoga practice as well as a great massage. 

    This class will be limited to 15 pairs. To save your spot please e-mail Ashley at agama@lululemon.com with your and your partner's name.


  • February 20
    5:30 PM
    Flow into February


    In a world where life gets busy and expensive faster than we could imagine, treating one's body right often falls by the wayside. For this reason, Lululemon Polo Park partners with local yoga studios in order to remind Winnipegers that when it is difficult to invest money, there is still always a way to invest time in your physical and mental health. These complimentary one-hour yoga practices serve to renew and restore, while igniting a fire within.

    Starting in February and until further notice, community yoga will be taking us to Hot Detox practices at Yoga Public with Monica Angelatos .

    Bring a water bottle, a friend, and your playful spirit. We will meet you on the mat.


  • February 22
    6:30 PM
    Track Monday!

    Where the runners of Winnipeg come together! From beginners to the elite! Winnipeg Run Club is for all ages and levels of fitness! A place of no judgement where your personal goals are all that matters! Each runner may run a specific pace and distance according to their desired level. Leaders are available, if asked upon, to give advice on everything from nutrition to running shoes!

    We're doing a February pop-up, meeting at the Pan Am Track and hitting the pavement at 6 30 pm! This Track Monday will be complimentary for the first 30 runners and $3.90 for anyone arriving after that!

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