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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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community events

  • May 31
    8:30 AM
    Complimentary In Store Yoga

    Please join us in-store for a complimentary yoga class with Emily from Moksha Yoga in Bentleigh.

    What Yoga means to Emily is a balancing act. Yoga to her is as much as strength as it is flexibility. It is as much about the spirit and mind as it is the physical body. What Yoga also is to Emily is union and community, uniting others to share the peace. That is why in August 2014 she took the initiative to start a Community Yoga class at Moksha Yoga. A donation-based class designed to give back and one that is open to all members of the community to participate in a class that is a communal space to relax and stretch it out. 

  • May 31
    8:30 AM
    Complimentary In Store Yoga

    Please join us in-store for a complimentary yoga class with Rhian from Monash University.

    Rhian  is a very passionate  student of yoga and life and loves the physical aspect of yoga as well as the holistic  health  that the yoga way of life naturally brings. Although Rhian had dabbled with yoga at university it wasn't until she moved to Asia she discovered it was a true passion of hers. In 2010, Rhian started a Sivananda sequence which is where her regular yoga practice guided her into personal transformation and spiritual awakening. Her desire to share her passion for and knowledge of this holistic life style led Rhian to the yoga teacher training in Neyaar Daam, Kerala,  India. She spent 1 and a half months altogether in India and is heading to the Himalayas in February to continue her study of asana, pranayama, yogic philosophy, chanting and meditation, which will further reinforce the inner journey that yoga is for her.

    Rhian's life purpose as a spiritual teacher also includes teaching children the asanas (physical movements), pranayama (proper breathing), sivansana (proper relaxation), proper diet, positive thinking and meditation. She strongly believes that all children should be encouraged to have yoga in their lives to help deal with the stresses of modern society.

    As well as her yoga teacher training in India, Rhian also studied with Zenergy Yoga completing her yoga for kids foundation, advance and yoga therapy courses. 

    Rhian wants to share her passion with others as her guru did for her. Bringing yoga to others all the while staying true to herself. 

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