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2 Church Street, Brighton
Brighton, Victoria, Australia
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community events

  • February 13
    9:15 AM
    Social Run Group

    Welcome to our run group, lead by Bayside local, Jan Davis.

    Every Saturday morning we meet at lululemon athletica Brighton at 9:15am, to take off for a 9:30 start.

    The route runs from Brighton to Elwood and sometimes beyond, depending on the levels of the group on the day, taking approximately an hour.

    Whether you're a guy, a gal, a beginner or a seasoned runner, our group has come together to support individuals who want to achieve goals in running, being active, meeting new people, increasing pace and anything in between.  

    Feel free to connect with the store should you have any queries.  Ready, set, run!

  • February 14
    8:30 AM
    Yoga with Emily Dowling

    Join yoga teacher, Emily Dowling on the mat every Sunday morning during February.

    Emily's love for yoga began when she stepped onto the mat in 2006. The effects of the practice had a significant change to her life, a profoundly positive impact on both her mental and physical state of being. A dedicated student, Emily continues to submerge herself in numerous training's to develop her own practice, as well developing her teaching skills to passionately pass on the teachings. 

    Her classes are dynamic and flowing to get your body moving and your mind cleansed. Encouraging students to focus on the breath and internalise their practice, ultimately using movement to access a sense of inner stillness.

    Coming from a Remedial Massage background, she has a focus on anatomical alignment to keep your practice safe, all while guiding you to expand your mind and body, exploring the endless possibilities within us all.

    Emily teachers locally at our ambassador studio Warrior One Yoga

    As always, all levels are welcome. See you on the mat! 

  • February 17
    6:15 PM
    Chakra Balancing Workshop

    We are so excited to welcome adventurer athlete and kundalini yoga instructor, Doug Wilson to our store to share his knowlege on kundalini Yoga and balancing the Chakras. 

    In 2013, Doug underwent a 13 hour operation to remove a large brain tumour (4.5cm Acoustic Neuroma) resulting in medical complications;  meningitis, single sided deafness, facial paralysis and loss of his right balance nerve forcing him to learn to walk again.  Lucky to survive, Doug defied odds by rebuilding his fitness through a healthy lifestyle and mindful practices with Kundalini Yoga playing a unique, positive role in his recovery and various sporting achievements. 

    The workshop will cover: 

    • Running background and history of illness
    • Yoga and benefits with recovery/health/athletic performance
    • Detailed overview of the Chakras and their importance to the bodies functions
    • Brief overview of Kundalini Yoga
    • Kundalini Yoga Kriya to balance the chakras 
    • Meditation & relaxation
    To register your interest please email:
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