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Leeny Hoffmann

Leeny is a trainer at Crossfit St. Louis where she teaches CrossFit classes as well as rowing classes using the Concept 2 indoor rower. Leeny began crossfitting in 2007 and knew immediately that she had found something she was passionate about. She became a Level 1 certified trainer in 2009, and continued her education by attending CrossFit seminars in basic barbell training and Olympic lifting. She also became a certified Concept 2 indoor rowing instructor. As her fitness experiences evolved, she realized that exercise was only a small piece of the healthy lifestyle puzzle and to be truly fit, one has to address their nutrition. She became interested specifically in the Paleo “diet” and after heading up several successful paleo challenges in her gym, became convinced that this nutritional plan seemed to offer the best results for overall health and well being. With her undergraduate degree in biology and her master’s degree in clinical psychology, she understands the impact good nutrition can have at a mechanistic level. However, she also realizes there is a huge emotional aspect to food, and to make a change, you have to make a conscious decision to change your habits. She uses the Paleo evolutionary template to make informed decisions about food, exercise, sleep, and stress and continues to encourage people to give it a try for 30 days.

Her fitness message is simple. “Eat whole foods, exercise intensely, lift heavy things, get plenty of sleep, and enjoy the company of your friends and family.” If you can accomplish this, you will find yourself happy and healthy.
Also, find something that you love to do. Set goals. Work out with friends. Have a sound nutrition plan in place. Try new things. Become part of a group that exercises together…whether it is with the Wednesday regulars at yoga, your tennis team, or your running partner. Be accountable. Make time. Don’t worry about getting “bulky” if you lift weights. Become an advocate for your own health. Ask questions. Question authority. Prioritize your exercise. Make it count. Sleep. Know when to take a day off. Maintain your friendships. Learn how to cook and take the time to do it. Enjoy life. Laugh!

Aside from coaching and training, Leeny’s top priority is spending time with her husband Michael and their four kids (Claire-21, Erin-19, Jim-17 and Margaret-11). She also makes it a priority to get back to her native Texas every other month to visit her family in San Antonio.