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Serena Soffer

Inlet Yoga

Serena is a versatile dancer, choreographer, and yogi who has worked extensively all over the world. She was first inspired by her loving and supportive mother, Eva, a performing contortionist in the early 1930's in the German Circus. Her professional performing career began at the young age of ten, where she began working with multiple legends, including Ray Bolger (the Scarecrow in Oz), Gregory Hines (the famous tapper), Donald O’Connor (Singing in the Rain) and Jane Krakowski (the actress who plays Jenna Maroney on NBC’s 30 Rock).
In her teens, she received a full scholarship to the New York Academy of Theatrical Arts and trained with Alfredo Corvino from Juilliard. Her completely well-rounded dance background ranges from classical ballet to jazz, having trained with Frank Hatchett, Phil Black, David Howard and Charles Kelly. At the age of 21, she toured internationally for three years as a ballerina in Phantom of the Opera.
Serena most recently danced in the Rock Of Ages movie (starring Tom Cruise) and assisted the choreographer, Mia Michaels (a renowned judge and choreographer on the hit TV show “So You Think You Can Dance”). She also performed in the original cast of Footloose on Broadway and assisted the choreographer, AC Ciulla.
She has been seen on MTV and in many national commercials, such as McDonalds, Intel and E-Trade. She appeared on ABC’s “All My Children,” as well as Saturday Night Live as a Weekend Update Dancer, The Late Night Show with David Letterman and The Rosie O'Donnell Show. She was also cited as CNN's Spotlight Performer of the Week. She choreographed for the Super Bowl 2006 Chevy Car Wash, Snickers, Axe Body Spray ‘Bomchickawawa,’ and the famous AT&T Grand Central station flash mob commercials, as well as for the platinum selling rock band Panic! At The Disco!
After suffering several major dance injuries on Broadway, Serena became much more dedicated to her yoga practice. Meditation, chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo and the study of Yogic philosophy came a decade before Serena gave up her dancer’s “ego” and intertwined the body, mind and spirit through her Asana practice in 1998 after her mother passed. Serena spent an entire summer living at Ananda Ashram in upstate New York and soon after received her Yoga Teacher Training certification at Laughing Lotus in NYC, where she was a Senior Teacher for several years. She still continues to plug in at the Ashram frequently.
Serena is thrilled to be announced as a lululemon Ambassador and works to continue to inspire and leave lasting impressions on the hearts, minds and spirits of those whose lives she touches through the arts of dance and yoga.