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Eddie Cordiano

Power Yoga Center

Edward Cordiano RYT, CPT is the owner of the Power Yoga Center in Middletown, NJ. Edward also holds a black belt in Vadha Kempo Karate, a mixed form of martial arts. His journey began with a light hearted, eternally optimistic approach towards life and all it encompasses a long time ago; an attitude Edward has maintained through all of life’s beautiful challenges and stages. “Through our physical body we can transcend limitation and connect to the pure truth, potential and love inside all of us”. “It’s the dance we call life, and we celebrate this dance on our mat and through the sweat and hard work we put in to feel and exist a certain way”.
Edward is the proud father of 4 children and feels eternally and indescribably grateful for their presence in his life, as they are pure joy and amazing teachers. “We should never take for granted all we can learn from our youth, some of the lessons are of crucial importance”. Edward, his wife and children are originally from NY, and have been residing in Middletown since 2007.
Edward is thrilled to be a 2013 lululemon Ambassador and very excited to be serving his community through yoga, movement, peace and mindfulness, alongside such an amazing organization.

In addition to his first love of Yoga, Edward is a published author, playwright, actor, founder of Dos Dudes Pictures and, a charity organization-serving victims of natural disaster. He attributes his multidimensional focus on his ability to fully engage in one activity at a time, with full mindfulness and awareness. “I try to do one thing at a time, and I strive to do it fully prepared, focused and engaged”.