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Randall Buskirk Ambassador Alumni

MountainSun Yoga

If asked how long he’s been practicing yoga, Randall Buskirk can’t exactly pinpoint it. Sometimes it feels like he began just this morning. Or maybe when he started teaching 3 years ago. Or took his first yoga class in 2003. And isn’t yoga similar to the karate and tai chi that he practiced at 14? And wasn’t it a kind of yoga when he swung a baseball bat or dribbled a basketball growing up? The concentration in those sports, whether trying to catch a hard grounder or shoot free throws, is also needed in headstand. And all the books read over the years, whatever the subject, are a form of meditation. The central component of yoga—passion and the heart—has inspired the countless hours he’s played guitar.
So when Randall found this thing called “yoga” he realized he’d found another word for himself and his life, encompassing everything. From Sun Salutations to playing a sport, resting on his back, standing in line, strumming a guitar, driving, talking, eating, reading, or simply breathing.
Likewise, everyone around him must be practicing yoga too. Sometimes it’s formalized, refined, and called a class. For that he thanks his teachers Betsey Downing, Jaye Martin, and John Friend. Anusara® yoga is a method that makes so much possible, like a GPS system that helps him locate himself and get where he wants to go, toward an open heart, a sharp mind, and a vibrant body. These qualities will always serve you and, more importantly, empower you to serve others. That’s what Randall hopes to pass along. To offer a map and fuel your journey with passion. To help you realize your ultimate freedom and happiness.