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Lynn Burgess Ambassador Alumni

Yoga From the Heart

Lynn Burgess is the founder and director of Sarasota’s most established studio, Yoga from the Heart. She is registered with Yoga Alliance at the highest possible levels as an RYT 500 and E-RYT 500 instructor. Lynn has trained, graduated, and certified dozens of local instructors. She is truly a teacher of teachers.

As a leader in the local yoga community, Lynn was been awarded the “Woman Entrepreneurial Excellence Award by the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce (June 2002). She has also been voted as having the #1 Yoga Class in Sarasota (June 2006) and Sarasota’s Favorite Yoga Instructor (2008).

A topic expert, Lynn’s articles have been featured on the Yoga Alliance website and published in Yogi Times Magazine (Fall 2006). In addition, she has been featured in the nationally distributed Women's Health Magazine. (September 2007, 2008). She has been interviewed by various media outlets including US News & World Report.
In her “former life,” Lynn was a stressed-out M.B.A. with a designer wardrobe and a less than fulfilling life. In an effort to find calm in her frenzied world, she enrolled in a yoga class. She immediately fell in love with the practice and eventually left the corporate world to start Yoga from the Heart.
Lynn's teaching style has been most heavily influenced by her principal instructor, Rodney Yee. Her combination of intelligent sequencing, combined with her understanding of anatomy, encourage her students to explore their own personal edge with consciousness and purpose. Known for her inspiration in relating the philosophy of yoga to her students, Lynn's classes reveal how yoga can infuse everyday life with meaning and purpose. Her charisma and witty sense of humor lend a wonderfully modern twist to this age-old practice.

Her favorite pose? Utthita Trikonasana (Traingle Pose). Her favorite desert? A hot fudge sundae!