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Kelly Prince

Kelly Prince was born and raised in Sarasota Florida where she is currently the owner of Body Heat Sarasota. But, her life and her passion also goes way back… As far back as the 2nd grade when she started performing in the Sarasota Sailor Circus. She performed in the Sailor Circus throughout her school years all the way to her graduation day. Idmeditley after high school Kelly auditioned for the role of “ Jane” at Disney World in Orlando, fl. She got the job! She then performed as “Jane” at the Tarzan and Jane show in side of Disney Worlds “Animal Kingdom” for 3 years before moving to Tokyo Japan to work for “Walt Disney Tokyo Sea” as a stunt performer. After finishing her 9 month contract in Japan Kelly returned to the “ Tarzan & Jane” show her at “Walt Disney” Where she performed for another 2 years. “ I loved every minute of it”. But… her life’s journey begins here after all of this when she attended her 1st Hot Yoga class… “I feel In Love”

After her 1st hot yoga class her life changed and for the better as it was hard for her to imaging her life getting any better than she felt that it was. Through a lot of hurts, habits, addictions and hang ups yoga has changed her life. She attended Bikram yoga training in L.A. in 2006 and has taught yoga ever since. Opening “Body Heat Sarasota” in 2007. “I still love every day of my job, I feel Blessed”.

Kelly is also an athlete as well as a yogi… She still goes to the gym day to day as well as yoga. “I believe that it is all about Balance as well as getting athletes to attend yoga class which they would usually turn away from”. She currently teaches at the Athletes Compound in Tampa, FL teaching pro- football & baseball player’s yoga. A challenge to her to bring the art of yoga & stretching into an athlete’s life but it is key to an all around great athlete. Kelly feels extremely honored to have the opportunity to teaching pro- athletes … and loves every minute of it!

As of this year Kelly has started competing in fitness shows where she Placed 1st in Grace & Physique and 3rd all around (fitness skills, fitness routine & Bikini) in Nov. of 2009. Also 1st Place and Fitness Model show in Houston Texas in June 2010 and 9th Place in Fitness Model Universe in Miami Florida in June 2010.

She thanks God, faith, family, friends & yoga for all the blessings in her life.
“My life is forever evolving and I am blessed & thankful for every minute of it. Even though sometimes change can be hard keeping my faith & love I welcome all change with Open Arms.”