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Jackie Miller

Jackie Miller,RN, BS

USAT Level One Certified Coach
Certified Personal Trainer
RRCA Certified Running Coach

I started in Triathlon industry over 5 years ago and I continue to grow my love for the sport. I have raced every distance from Sprints to Ironman Races. I consistently place in the top of my age group through dedicated training and using a postitive mental attitude. As my passion grew through the years I knew I wanted to help others discover the improvements that triathlon can bring to their lives.

I started coaching over 3 years ago and continually enjoy and thrive in coaching athletes and watch them discover the passion I found for the sport. I find the greatest joy in watching the beginners experience the thrill of crossing their first finish line and then watching their growth as they make their way to the longer distance races. I believe in helping athletes improve their limiters, strengthen their skills and help them gain the confidence they need to meet and exceed their personal goals. For me, coaching athletes not only involves improving their swim, bike and run techniques but also teaching them that having a positive mindset can take them far in a race and in their personal lives.