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Britt Dienes

I journeyed my way to yoga after a childhood spent on the ice and in ballet studios. In yoga, I found a safe and sacred space to heal my injuries while learning to heal the emotional and physical pain of others.
I received my MA in Literature from the University of South Florida and my Yoga Alliance 200 hour certification from Fred Busch at Miami Power Yoga. I am currently a student at East-West College of Natural Medicine, studying acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, taking one more step along my path towards becoming a doctor of the world, a practitioner of the most compassionate healing arts from around the globe.
I believe yoga should be practiced and taught with a full awareness of the sacredness of both practice and practitioner. My ideal yoga class is slow, meditative, gentle: it should embrace balance, release grace, and uncover strength. Life is a dance and yoga is only one of the many ways in which we move with the breath of the universe.