Sarasota Showroom

Alli Koski

Fit Body Flow and The Yoga Shack

Yoga Alliance 200RYT In August 2011 Alli journeyed to Marianne Wells Yoga School in Costa Rica to deepen her practice and earn her yoga teacher certification. Alli's Hatha yoga training lineage traces to Iyengar Yoga with an emphasis on proper alignment. Alli's classes range from alignment based to empowering flow, from restorative yoga to yoga for athletes. Read the profile >>

Britt Dienes

I journeyed my way to yoga after a childhood spent on the ice and in ballet studios. In yoga, I found a safe and sacred space to heal my injuries while learning to heal the emotional and physical pain of others. I received my MA in Literature from the University of South Florida and my Yoga Alliance 200 hour certification from Fred Busch at Miami Power Yoga. I am currently a student at East-West College of Natural Medicine, studying acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, taking one more step along my path towards becoming a doctor of the world, a practitioner of the most compassionate healing arts from around the globe. I believe yoga should be practiced and taught with a full awareness of the sacredness of both practice and practitioner. My ideal yoga class is slow, meditative,... Read the profile >>

Candy Collins


A native “Sarasotan” grew up running all over Sarasota and at the summer beach runs. Now an adult and living back where she grew up she is enjoying the sport of running more than ever. Starting with track at a young age and later finding cross country in high school, she discovered her passion was for long distance running. Look for Candy at all the local races especially the summer beach runs on Siesta. Candy recently traveled to Berlin, Germany to run her 1st marathon. Her goal is to run the Athens, Greece marathon for the 2012 season and has her sights are set on the Kona, Hawaii marathon for the 2013 marathon season. Running doesn’t pay the bills though and running shoes aren’t cheap! Monday thru Friday you’ll find Candy working as a tax accountant for Suplee &... Read the profile >>

Chaz Glunk

Pure Barre Sarasota/Pure Barre Lakewood Ranch

Chaz a native of Sarasota, had his first experience to athletics and movement at Flex Dance Studios. Within his first five years of training, he was accepted into the Harid Conservatory, a prestigious boarding school for classical ballet training. After a year of intense training at a professional levels, Chaz made his next big jump, attending Southern Methodist University. Here he was exposed to all forms of dance, primarily focusing on Ballet, Modern, and Jazz. In addition to learning the physical elements of dance, SMU provided him with the opportunity to understand the science of movement, taking classes in Music Appreciation, Anatomy, Physiology, and Dance Pedagogy. After graduation, Chaz was proud to come home to Sarasota to join Sarasota Ballet of Florida. Spending... Read the profile >>

Cindy Phillips

Island Yoga Space

Cindy Phillips Cindy is the Owner and Director of Island Yoga Space. She discovered yoga in 1998 while searching for clarity after the loss of her father the previous year and thus views yoga as a healing art. This lead her to seek out and study with many teachers including Shiva Rea, Betsey Downing and her favorite, Seane Corn. She is grateful to ALL of the teachers who have graced and inspired her own teaching. She started instructing yoga in 2002. Cindy guides students in Vinyasa Flow and Restorative classes with particular attention to alignment. While creatively interweaving underlying themes, poetry, and world music she encourages students to connect with their own personal core of “knowing” during practice and take this truth out into daily living. By providing... Read the profile >>

Elena de Lalla

Rosemary Court Yoga

Elena discovered the path of Yoga several years ago, while living in Italy, where she was born and raised. She teaches a holistic healing style called Atma Yoga - a sanskrit word meaning Spirit - created by Saul David Raye ( Classes, open to all levels of students, include a dynamic flow of asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), and meditation. Various energy work together with teachings from Bhakti, Tantra, and up to date audio mixes are at the core of each of her classes. Elena has completed a 200+ hour Holistic Yoga Teacher Training with Saul David Raye and continues her studies with Professor Douglas Brooks to deepen her knowledge of Shrividya Shakta Tantrism. She is also registered with the Yoga Alliance. Read more about her on... Read the profile >>

Eric Kahl Ambassador Alumni

Triathlon Coaching

With over 15 years experience in the sport, Eric has tried and tested numerous training methodologies while simultaneously developing my own unique style. As an athlete, he understands the need to challenge myself and to be challenged by other athletes during a competition. And, as a coach, he strives to continue to educate himself and to work alongside other top USAT coaches in the industry to continually educate myself and be able to share my knowledge with my athletes. This allows him to further develop as an athlete and a coach to better provide you with extraordinary triathlon training experience. Coach E realize and believe that no two athletes will ever get the same results by following the same program. Therefore, his foundation for coaching athletes is based upon three... Read the profile >>

Jackie Miller

Gold's Gym & etricoach

Jackie Miller,RN, BS USAT Level One Certified Coach Certified Personal Trainer RRCA Certified Running Coach I started in Triathlon industry over 5 years ago and I continue to grow my love for the sport. I have raced every distance from Sprints to Ironman Races. I consistently place in the top of my age group through dedicated training and using a postitive mental attitude. As my passion grew through the years I knew I wanted to help others discover the improvements that triathlon can bring to their lives. I started coaching over 3 years ago and continually enjoy and thrive in coaching athletes and watch them discover the passion I found for the sport. I find the greatest joy in watching the beginners experience the thrill of crossing their first finish line and then watching... Read the profile >>

Jaye Martin Ambassador Alumni

Garden of the Heart Yoga Center

I've always been physically active. I ran track in HS, swam in college, and have always enjoyed skating, gardening, hiking, and canoeing since I was a kid. Of course, my career as a professional dancer was the most physically demanding thing I've ever done. Being a classical ballet dancer can be very stressful for the mind as well as the body...sometimes performing twice a day, rehearsing, and taking class in order to stay in shape and keep up technical standards. When not performing, sometimes I felt like I was at a constant audition with pressure to always look good and act vibrant and energetic even if I was tired or injured.... This was very important in order to be cast in good roles. In the ballet world it wasn't much about how you felt or whether or not you listened to your inner... Read the profile >>

Joey Panek

Dance Trance Sarasota

Joey Panek has worked as a professional actor, singer and dancer for 15 years. He has worked at theaters across the country on several national tours, as well as dancing through Italy in a production of West Side Story. In 2008, he became a certified Dance Trance instructor and has taught in Jacksonville, St. Petersburg and Sarasota. He currently teaches at the Berlin branch of the Sarasota YMCA. Joey continues to stay active in local theater and Lazy Fairy Improv Troupe, and is active in CrossFit with Elements Fitness. Read the profile >>

Kassandra Devlin Ambassador Alumni

Rosemary Court Yoga

Kassandra Devlin is a yoga teacher and manager of Rosemary Court Yoga studio in Sarasota, Fl. Kassandra believes deep in her veins that yoga is the key to happiness. We can change the world just by stepping on our mats. Teaching is such a luxury that she feels so blessed to do. Photography and paddle board yoga also keep Kassandra busy and smiling. You can see her art in her classes. Her mat is a canvas. Kassandra is proud and honored to be on this poetic adventure and sharing the gift of Yoga with the world. Read the profile >>

Kelli Jaco

Soul Yoga Sanctuary

"As a yogi, my primary focus is to bring a healthier, more peaceful lifestyle to as many people as I can. As an athlete, yoga brought to the surface a realization that we must conserve our bodies and honor our minds. After receiving my MA in Education, I began to explore how my yoga could help others. Along with my partner and husband, Adam, Soul was born." Kelli was born and raised in Sarasota Florida. She grew up a competitive swimmer and competed through her collegiate years. Kelli, along with her husband Adam, run Jaco Boxing and Soul Yoga Sanctuary. Together they blend the high-energy excitement of boxing training with a graceful, fluid power yoga flow. When opening Soul Yoga Sanctuary, Kelli had a vision of creating a safe and welcoming space that provided... Read the profile >>

Kelly Prince

Body Heat Yoga

Kelly Prince was born and raised in Sarasota Florida where she is currently the owner of Body Heat Sarasota. But, her life and her passion also goes way back… As far back as the 2nd grade when she started performing in the Sarasota Sailor Circus. She performed in the Sailor Circus throughout her school years all the way to her graduation day. Idmeditley after high school Kelly auditioned for the role of “ Jane” at Disney World in Orlando, fl. She got the job! She then performed as “Jane” at the Tarzan and Jane show in side of Disney Worlds “Animal Kingdom” for 3 years before moving to Tokyo Japan to work for “Walt Disney Tokyo Sea” as a stunt performer. After finishing her 9 month contract in Japan Kelly returned to the “ Tarzan & Jane” show her at “Walt... Read the profile >>

Kristy Ochsendorf Ambassador Alumni


Kristy Ochsendorf, DPT -- Physical Therapist, Total Therapy Solutions of Siesta Key Kristy grew up in Ohio where she was a member of the Cuyahoga Valley Youth Ballet company from ages 5-16. She graduated from Ohio University in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology. She then moved to Norfolk, Virginia to attend Old Dominion University and earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2004. Upon graduation, she and her husband Dave worked as traveling physical therapists for 5 years, practicing in Hawaii, California, Washington DC, Connecticut, Arizona, and Florida. Kristy and Dave fell in love with the active community of Sarasota, and moved here in 2009. They currently manage Total Therapy Solutions on Siesta Key, specializing in orthopedics and the... Read the profile >>

Liana Sheintal Bryant

Rosemary Court Yoga Center

Liana truly lives her yoga both on and off the mat. Joyfully dedicated to her practice and her students, Liana empowers all who come to yoga to live it as fully and as happily as she does, whatever their level of fitness or experience. Known for her bright smile and infectious warmth, Liana infuses her classes with the same spirit of nurturing care. With a background in gymnastics and college cheerleading, Liana soon discovered her passion for yoga after graduating from the George Washington University in 2002. After four enjoyable years working at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, she has now made yoga her full time career. Previously a YogaWorks Studio Manager in New York City, Liana has now returned to her hometown of Sarasota, FL and in addition to teaching her... Read the profile >>

Lynn Burgess Ambassador Alumni

Yoga From the Heart

Lynn Burgess is the founder and director of Sarasota’s most established studio, Yoga from the Heart. She is registered with Yoga Alliance at the highest possible levels as an RYT 500 and E-RYT 500 instructor. Lynn has trained, graduated, and certified dozens of local instructors. She is truly a teacher of teachers. As a leader in the local yoga community, Lynn was been awarded the “Woman Entrepreneurial Excellence Award by the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce (June 2002). She has also been voted as having the #1 Yoga Class in Sarasota (June 2006) and Sarasota’s Favorite Yoga Instructor (2008). A topic expert, Lynn’s articles have been featured on the Yoga Alliance website and published in Yogi Times Magazine (Fall 2006). In addition, she has been featured in the nationally... Read the profile >>

Mark Eakins

Balance Health + Fitness

Since moving to Sarasota from Burlington, VT 12 years ago, Mark has been a Certified Personal Trainer at Balance Health + Fitness teaching, coaching, and inspiring clients of all ages and abilities. Mark utilizes a variety of training backgrounds and styles to create programs for his clients. His focus on client goals, movement patterns and fitness level is the basis for the individualized programs that he builds for each client. His passion for what he does makes his workouts challenging, safe, and most of all FUN! Read the profile >>

Matt Wilmoth

Crossfit Sarasota

"The whole thing started while sitting in Weimar Hall at the University of Florida. It was the first day of Sociology my freshman year. In explaining the difference between psychology and sociology the professor altered my life forever. “Psychology is a downstream approach...they try to pull drowning people out of the river. In sociology we want to know why they fell into the river in the first place.” It makes sense and it fits into health too. There are people who will help you if you get sick but I wanted to stop people from hitting the water in the first place. Now the only question for me was how. I stumbled upon CrossFit while researching on the internet and was skeptical - but it sounded interesting enough to try. Once I made it into CrossFit Evolution in Orlando it became... Read the profile >>

Melissa Demore

Pure Barre

Melissa was raised on the beaches of Siesta Key in Sarasota, Florida. She and her family spent the summers traveling with her father, a Major League baseball coach. At an early age she began participating in cheerleading and dance, and continued through high school, where she was an active member of the schools cheerleading and locally renowned dance team. These experiences created a strong passion for health and fitness that continues today. Melissa attended college at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. While at Samford she met her husband, Clay, who was a 4-year scholarship member of the track and cross-country teams. After graduating with a degree in interior design, Melissa and Clay moved back to her hometown in Sarasota where she has been practicing interior design and... Read the profile >>

Randall Buskirk Ambassador Alumni

MountainSun Yoga

If asked how long he’s been practicing yoga, Randall Buskirk can’t exactly pinpoint it. Sometimes it feels like he began just this morning. Or maybe when he started teaching 3 years ago. Or took his first yoga class in 2003. And isn’t yoga similar to the karate and tai chi that he practiced at 14? And wasn’t it a kind of yoga when he swung a baseball bat or dribbled a basketball growing up? The concentration in those sports, whether trying to catch a hard grounder or shoot free throws, is also needed in headstand. And all the books read over the years, whatever the subject, are a form of meditation. The central component of yoga—passion and the heart—has inspired the countless hours he’s played guitar. So when Randall found this thing called “yoga” he realized... Read the profile >>