San Jose : Santana Row

Brian Nunez

Brian Nunez is more than just a San Jose, CA based personal trainer. With nearly 10 years of experience, he has held thousands of personal training sessions resulting in successful stories. Brian prides himself on his wide range of cliental, consisting of elite high level athletes to everyday people striving to improve their individual fitness level. Through his positive, yet challenging methods, his clients gain the confidence needed to reach their goals.
Channeling his passion, innovation, and dedication to fitness, he creates a sense of personal awareness for his clients. Brian is continually challenging their short term and long term goals. He encourages his clientele to live a fitness-oriented lifestyle and push themselves beyond their limits. He believes no two people are alike, and creates custom workouts that deliver results his clients can be proud of. Brian’s creative programs include:
Tour de Fit: a transformation program
Junkyard Gym: Outdoor Unconventional Training
Beast Body: Muscle mass program
Club Circuit: 6 week group training Series
Leading by example, he is constantly challenging himself to reach new, extreme, and push-it-to-the-limit goals. “I have to be change I want to see,” Brian says. He enjoys participating in adventure racing, half-marathons, and sports. Motivating his clients to do more, be more, and give more, have been the staple of his training.
Coming from an elite sports background, Brian understands the importance of team building and creating positive, encouraging relationships. Compassionate yet challenging, his consistent dedication to helping other’s succeed instills his passion for fitness in his clients and shines through each one by the goals they are able to achieve.