San Francisco
Cow Hollow

Alex Ho

Basic Training SF

Alex knows how to Ho-tivate you. Versatile and fun-loving, he was converted to Basic Training after his first session in 2009. He found that the strength of the group brought out his own – something he’s eager to bring out in you now that he’s an instructor. Having spent his childhood in Denver and college in Seattle, Alex is no stranger to outdoor workouts, but his favorite climes are right here in the city. He’ll have you running for the hills and seeking out breathtaking views (literally) in no time. When he’s not on the city streets, you can catch him on the trails or in the yoga studio. (Or both: he's Basic Training's hiking yoga guru.) Ask him about his goals this year – and don’t be surprised when he's inspired you to join him. Read the profile >>

Courtney Harris

The Pad Studios, Aha Yoga

Courtney Harris is certified in the Hatha yoga tradition. Teaching a vinyasa style of yoga – a moving meditation linking postures with the breath – she leads a vigorous, fitness-based class with an emphasis on fun and flexibility. Based on the teachings of Baron Baptiste with influences of Jivamukti yoga, her sequencing is designed to strengthen and tone the muscles of your body and mind, and is sure to take you to your own edge. As a certified nutrition and wellness coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Courtney feels her personal yoga practice has grown into a passion for the health and welI-being of others. She uses humor and down-to-earth sentimentality to illuminate aspects of the spiritual journey in a hectic world. Her goal is to put those practicing at ease and... Read the profile >>

Jacqui Rowley

Yoga Tree Corte Madera, Bernal Yoga, Yoga Mayu, Planet Granite

Jacqui has studied movement through dance since childhood. She has been stretching, twisting, binding and playing with the physical form for years and believes “the juice is worth the squeeze“. "Yoga has given me so much, and continues to generously keep the lessons flowing. As a teacher I love being able to introduce this exquisite way of growth and evolution to those that I have the privilege of meeting. I have experimented with many different styles and have studied under a number of teachers who have touched me deeply. My personal journey has allowed me the honor of assisting and learning through my mentor, Lauren Slater and I am so grateful for her unwavering belief in me.I hope to bring healing to your body and soul through an exploration of breathe, mind and and body... Read the profile >>

Leila Burrows

The Pad

Co-Founder, Leila Burrows began practicing power yoga with Bryan Kest as a UCLA undergraduate. In 2008 she finished her first 200 hour certification through Yoga Works of Santa Monica. She returned home to the Bay Area to open The Pad with longtime friend and business partner, Lily Riesenfeld. Leila is passionate about the transformational powers of yoga and combines the structure learned from the YogaWorks method with the practical approach of Bryan Kest, infusing her own personality and desire to celebrate and manifest life. Leila’s class is fun, challenging and music filled. When not in San Francisco, Leila can be found on her mat practicing yoga with MC Yogi at YogaToes in Point Reyes. Read the profile >>

Martin Scott

Union Yoga

Martin teaches a vinyasa based yoga practice that focuses on health and wellness for the body and the mind. His gentle and attentive teaching style is accessible to students of all levels. His classes build strength and flexibility and Martin encourages students to always maintain a sense of humor and lightheartedness. Martin has completed the Life Of A Yogi Teacher Training program with the yoga master Sri Dharma Mittra at his yoga center in New York City as well as the Deva Teacher Training with Elise Lorimer and Stephanie Snyder. Read the profile >>