Richmond : Short Pump

Ruthie Burke

Whether working with adults or young children, Ruthie relishes any opportunity to pass on her enthusiasm and passion for an active and healthy lifestyle. Ruthie is a certified Road Running Club of America Coach and an avid marathoner. She coaches advanced and elite runners with the Richmond Sports Backers Marathon Training Team and also coaches students in grades K-5 at the elementary school where she teaches fourth grade. Before heading to the classroom to stimulate and challenge her young students' minds, Ruthie is up logging her miles most mornings before the sun rises. She has a wide range of fitness-related interests and is passionate about yoga, pilates and barre. When not on the road or trails, you may spot her darting into a local studio to help strengthen her mind and body. She also enjoys horseback riding, swimming and hiking. Always seeking new experiences and challenges, Ruthie has recently extended her fitness resume to the ultra marathon, duathlon and triathlon worlds, competing in the JFK 50 miler, the National Duathlon and recently placing in the top ten female finishers of an Olympic distance triathlon. A native of Richmond, Ruthie enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, husband and three labs.
“Give about two hours a day to exercise, for health must not be sacrificed to learning. A strong body makes the mind strong.” - Thomas Jefferson, 1785