Richmond : Short Pump

Paul Caminiti

For as long as he could remember, Paul has been an avid athlete and fitness enthusiast. In 1993, he decided to take that passion and enthusiasm into a professional capacity. From 1993-2001, Paul walked through the doors of nearly 1,000 health clubs throughout the New York metropolitan area as a distributor/representative for over 30 commercial fitness manufacturers. During this time, it became very obvious to Paul that these fitness facilities were designed to attract and cater to a very small percentage of the population. The balance of the population, Paul felt, were not members of these facilities for many reasons: these people were either frustrated from previous attempts to become healthy, they were intimidated by all the fancy looking equipment and machines that these fancy gyms had or simply overwhelmed and unmotivated to even know how to start taking care of themselves. This experience planted a seed in Paul's mind. That seed was to figure out a way how to attract all these "lost" people and teach them how to live healthier lifestyles for good.

In 2001, Paul had an opportunity to become part owner of a semi-private group training facility, but soon realized that it too, catered to a very small percentage of the population. Then "9/11" occurred and everything changed. Several months later, Paul, his wife Marianne and their two small boys relocated from Northern New Jersey to Richmond, Virginia. After a brief stint as a mortgage banker, Paul knew there was another calling for him; he had to get back to his life long passion of fitness, but couldn't put his finger on what exactly that looked like. After nearly 15 years of quietly thinking things thru and dreaming of what it would be like to create such a unique wellness "system," it all finally came to fruition. On August 3rd, 2007 Paul Founded Adrenaline Sports USA, INC., now doing business as "Team Adrenaline International." Team Adrenaline International is a private group training enterprise, held exclusively outdoors and is completely "organic" in nature, never utilizing equipment, machines or devices. After exposing well over 1,000 people to his system thru grass roots marketing, Team Adrenaline has proved to be a "HOME" for EVERYONE! Team Adrenaline has three distinct market channels: student athletes, community and corporate. Because of the program's unique platform, it is not uncommon to see an elite athlete training right along side a severely de-conditioned individual. "We are a confidence boosting program not a boot camp, Paul is quick to point out." "We attract and accommodate all walks of life." It is not uncommon to see a dual inspiration taking place on any given day where an elite athlete is being inspired by the gritty determination of someone who hasn't exercised in 30 years, but knows they need to and is doing it!!!

In 2010, Paul partnered with and international wellness company and is now teaching and licensing this concept to communities, towns and city's world wide. Team Adrenaline International makes exercise simple, fun and addicting and attracts positive, like minded attitudes and personalities who could care less about egos. Team Adrenaline forms a culture that helps to not only establish healthy behaviors, but sustain these behaviors for life. Paul has always said that the body is the most amazing "machine" on the planet and whatever the mind wills, the body follows. "We have seen couch potatoes become marathoners and triathletes or simply have become better spouses, moms and dads as a result of taking care of themselves and programming their minds to think positively and to think big. Paul' short term goal is that within 5 years (This August marks the company's 5 year anniversary) Team Adrenaline International will have locations in all 50 states and several others throughout Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. Paul's long term goal is that Team Adrenaline will have such a following, it will be a house hold name. "The demand for our services is tremendous with literally hundreds of thousands in need to become healthy but simply don't know how and what to do. Currently, these people don't even know a program like this exists let alone works! Paul's professional life and purpose is completely dedicated to exposing and affecting as many people as possible to this concept. We are a human resource driven business, so I am constantly looking for like minded leaders to take our concept back to their individual communities to help stave off this powerful, unhealthy tide we are all up against. "I want everyone to know (no matter what their age, gender, background or current condition) that they have a true HOME on Team Adrenaline." New participants are simply encouraged to do what they are capable of doing and our group leaders, called Team Motivators, are adept at providing modifications for virtually every exercise routine, so everyone can participate on some level and feel good about themselves. On a personal note, Paul has been married to Marianne for 17 years. They have 3 children: Cole, Christian and Noelle who all understand the importance of taking care of their health from an early age and are all active student athletes. In addition, Paul competed at the Division 1 level in track and field for Rutgers University as a 400/800 meter specialists from 1985-1989. Paul has 10 years of mixed martial arts experience, competes at the Masters level of track in National competitions, has run 5 full marathons, over 25 half marathons, several sprint triathlons and even ran 40 miles on his 40th birthday simply to celebrate the gift of health with his family and friends. "I love teaching and helping people understand how easy it is to take care of yourself. It is real easy sharing my enthusiasm and passion with them. Watching our clients succeed is far more rewarding then anything I have ever personally accomplished."