Philadelphia : Walnut St

Jesse Frank

Jesse is the Co-Owner and Fitness Director of Unite Fitness, which offer cross-training sessions based on it’s Heart.Muscle.Mind philosophy. He has helped propel the company from a single center city studio to three distinct brands: Unite Studio franchises, Unite Online mobile workouts, and the Unite Fitness Decathlon competitive event.
As a coach Jesse inspires everyone around him with his quiet confidence, disciplined training and joy in pushing his limits. He got his Bachelors Degree in Applied Nutrition from the University of Delaware, and has since studied and practiced many different disciplines within the fields of exercise, nutrition, sports and massage/injury rehab to create the most well-rounded and challenging fitness programs available. He is also one of the most patient master teachers around maintaining a friendly smile while his clients endure the most difficult of workouts. Some might call his smile a grin, and his training, with his never ending arsenal of smart, effective physical challenges, torturous, hence his nickname: the masochist. Bottom line, he gets results and people love him for it.
Jesse’s coaching style comes from his direct experiences as a thrill seeker and lover of challenging athletic events. He has been cliff jumping, skydiving, and back-country snowboarding as well as racing in everything from 5ks to marathons to obstacle runs. And when running 10 miles isn’t enough, he straps on a 30 lb weight vest … for fun, of course.