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John Polley

John Polley (JP) is the founder of JP Active Movement and Treatment in North Beach, where he specialises in helping people move as effectively as possible. His client base stretches from people with previously debilitating conditions like osteoarthritis, through to professional sports people. His methods are similarly wide ranging, from hands on trigger point massage following the principles of myofascial release, through to complex and challenging fitness training techniques, all designed individually for each client’s needs. His mantra is “train or treat the human being, not the human body”.
His thirst for knowledge and his passion to share this sees JP continuously adapting the latest trends and research to pass onto his clients and colleagues in the industry. He currently has what he calls “the best toys in the world” in his studio – Power Plate vibration technology, ViPR functional training tools, freeFORM boards, a functional cable trainer. JP blends these with balloons, bands, balls, belts, frisbees, hoops and whatever else brings about a positive connection in his clients and moves them forward.
JP’s overwhelming desire is to facilitate you to make your life better, through sharing simple tools and knowledge specific to your daily movement needs. These are often a 180 degree turn from traditional thinking and have proven dramatically effective with his own client base.
On top of this, JP also engages with what is often left out when dealing with the physical – the mental and emotional. With decision balance sheets, positive interviewing along with explaining how physical changes in peoples bodies often have a mental/emotional root, JP tries to always deal with the whole person.
JP speaks on a number of subjects. Here are just a few:

• Myofascial movement, not muscular
• Elasticity, not flexibility
• Running 5km through to Marathon
• Basic nutrition: a few pieces of missing information
• Inactivity and its effects
• SMR foam rolling: free your body of restriction
• Stress and its effects on the body
• Sports specific training