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Whitney Kozlowski

Whitney loves Park City, all things outdoors, is an avid triathlete and mom to two young kids. To combine all of these loves after she had her second baby, Whitney started Mom's Power Hour - a 60 minute mix of cardio, drills, strength training and core work where moms can bring their kids to hang out and "witness fitness" at a young fun age. A popular concept that was missing in Park City at the time; Whitney was eager to bring that level of activity, motivation and "momraderie" to town. Whitney is a big believer in others and keeps a fun and enthusiastic attitude while challenging her classes. She has run two marathons, competed in numerous triathlons including 3 half-ironman triathlons in UT and AZ, multiple century road rides and she recently rode her bike from San Francisco to San Diego to help raise $1Million for the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF).

Whitney lived in San Diego for 7 years before returning to Park City after working for the 2002 Winter Olympic Committee. Even though the beach life is tough to leave, she and her husband felt a great pull to get back to Park City and they have found a great nook in the happy mountain town and community. Whitney teaches classes for Basin Recreation and the Waldorf Astoria, and when not in her running shoes, does concierge work at Hotel Park City.

A full fledged libra, she thrives on keeping fun balance in her life- her family, her day to day as a mom, her friends, her work, her sweaty pursuits, her community, her creative projects, her hospitality & wine....

Always encouraging and grateful; Whitney has always believed that if you love life, it will love you back.