Park City : Park City Showroom

Penny OBrien

Park City Municipal Corporation & Recreation Center

Penny has coached in the Wellness and Fitness industry for over twenty-five years! In this time she has taught fitness from Tour de France Spin segments to BOSU balance and multiplicity to Tabata and HIIT training to, her current love, Vinyasa style yoga. She has taught in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and NY, and has trained clients from busy mom's with busier kids, to corporate executives, to Olympic athletes. Currently, she leads community Wellness for the Park CIty Municipal Corporation and Recreation Center. She loves teaching Adaptive Snowboarding for the National Ability Center. And, this Spring she will complete her Master of Exercise Physiology at the University of Utah. Penny's favorite times are encouraging others to health and empowerment through movement. Her motto is "Grow Strong." She is happiest when out on the trails with her boarder collie Quinn, or hanging with any of her three amazing children.

Penny is inspired by the philosophy of lululemon to not only give back to the communities where they create business, but also to elevate the health and happiness of their communities. Penny tries to do something that scares her each day and really wants to write a book if she can sit still long enough.