Palm Desert : Palm Desert

April Jones

Does music inspire you? Do you like to go to your edge? Are you the type of person who doesn’t take him or herself too seriously and likes to laugh often? April’s class may be the perfect place for you to practice. She doesn’t think the mat is the only place to practice yoga. What you learn on the mat gets carried off the mat and into the fabric of your life. Take your yoga off the mat and be the best version of you possible. With her professional dance background, come prepared to challenge your brain as well as your body with intelligent & creative sequencing. There is a deliberate and gradual build up in her classes that prepares you to reach your full potential by the end of each class. You will leave class invigorated, inspired and wanting more. The first half of class will kick your butt and the second half will kiss it. 90 minutes never went by so fast.