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Pavla Haluskova

Fixe Self Center/ Dailey Method Elmhurst/ Elmhurst Yoga Shala

“I really believe that things happen for a reason, and truly believe that one of the reasons that I came to this country was to find myself through this beautiful path called yoga.” ~ Pavla.

At age 27 after noticing that her tendencies of stress, irritation, and perfectionism were affecting her relationships and her ability to have fun and enjoy life, Pavla began a practice of inner-listening and started to experiment with yoga. Not knowing how much these practices would change her life, Pavla’s studies awakened her passion for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Listening to this call of her heart, Pavla eventually decided to seek Hatha yoga certification, and in 2008 her Hatha yoga teaching certification was granted by Soderworld Healing Arts Center and Spa. As her studies continued she played with variety of styles of yoga. Currently, she is an Anusara-Inspired teacher.

Part of Pavla’s philosophy is to continually seek education to better serve her students and feed her own practice to keep it fresh and dynamic. She has logged over one thousand hours in holistic education and it is her belief that sharing this wisdom with her community will build a stronger and brighter future. In yoga sessions with Pavla, one can expect an energetic class with lots of options to explore all individual physical ability levels. Considerable attention is given to alignment and therapeutics for an optimal experience on and off the mat.

Additionally, Pavla's training in Reiki energy work, the application of essential oils, and the biomechanics and philosophy of Hatha yoga, has lead her to develop a very unique and well rounded style of practice and teachings. Pavla's passion for establishing balance is present in everything she does, especially when it involves enriching and uplifting the lives of others.

Many teachers continue to enrich Pavla’s practice and teachings. Some individuals with whom she has had the pleasure of working with are John Friend, Sianna Sherman, Desiree Rumbaugh, Noah Maze, Sarah Starnes, Ross Rayburn, Douglas Brooks, Christopher Wallis (Hareesh), Martin Kirk, and many more.