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Dave Schaefers

Fast Track Racing Team

From the time I was young, my incredible competitive nature derived from being the 5th of 7 kids. From one season to the next, after school everyday, the neighborhood parks were our "stadiums" for baseball, football and basketball. I believed winning scores and the reputation as the best player of each and every game meant success. As incorrect as that belief is, it was those games that drove my competitive side to be the best I could be with my ability.
Past childhood, I continued to search for my athletic passion through team competition in football, wrestling and baseball teams, I never did find any peace of mind within any of those sports. That adversity and lack of accomplishment got the best of me and my physical well-being spiraled downward. With the inability to look in the mirror everyday, my emotional and mental health was also broken.
It wasn't until 10 years ago that I discovered my passion. Watching my oldest sister Ann chase her 2000 Olympic Marathon dream, my enthusiasm was awoken.
Just the same as that race in South Carolina, my parents, brothers, sisters, nephews and niece have been the cornerstones of my success. Their loyal support of my running endeavors taught me reputation means nothing, your character carries through adversity. Mistakes happen, as do horrible races. It takes integrity, intentness, patience, poise, ambition, and attention to the little details that makes the big things happen. These last handful of years, I've had the priviledge of teaching core classes and the opportunity to create and coach Fast Track Racing Team. The enormous sastification in both is witnessing individuals spirit, sacrifice and camaraderie. Peace of mind...