New York : 66th and 3rd

Abby Bales

Abby Bales has been a certified personal trainer for nine years here in NYC and taught group fitness classes in college before that. She has incorporated her love of sports, dance, yoga and running into her training to create unique, specialized workouts for each of her clients. As a runner for over 20 years and a 9-time (and counting!) marathon finisher, Abby knows what it takes to get across finish lines of all kind. These days, when not at lululemon E. 66th St.'s Run Club, trying out the latest fitness craze in the city or blogging about it all on, you'll find Abby down at NYU pursuing her doctorate in Physical Therapy. Got questions about your body, fitness, running or how to get started on a healthier track? Contact Abby at Change your life, go for a run.