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Mat Frankel

Mat is the owner and head coach of CrossFit City Line. He holds numerous different certifications and has been involved in competitive sport, fitness, athletics and nutrition for over 10 years. It wasn’t until personally utilizing CrossFit as his training method that he began to see its power and ability to change and improve peoples lives. This is what inspired him to pursue a career coaching and to help people achieve their fitness goals.
While coaching at CrossFit New England for over two years, Mat was able to see people make positive life altering changes to improve their health, wellness and fitness. It was through CrossFit and its unique scalability that all people were able to make these improvements. He has worked with all different people, from professional, college and younger athletes and teams, grandparents, moms, dads and everyone in between, all while using the CrossFit program.
Before CrossFit, Mat was involved with athletics from an early age and continued to play football and throw the shot put while attending Brown University in Providence RI.
“The CrossFit Program and environment it builds is something I have not seen anywhere else. I have tried all kinds of different workouts but had never seen the results I have found while doing CrossFit. It is my training program and it is my lifestyle.”