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Emily Chiodo

Joyful Yoga

Emily was introduced to yoga as a child. Fortunate to be incarnated as a daughter of a yogini, she remembers yoga as natural expression of play and discovery during that time and she attempts to maintain that connection with her practice today.

Although she first began teaching yoga in 1997, it wasn't until after childbirth that Emily really fell in love with yoga through the connection of breath and movement that is fostered by the vinyasa approach. A dedicated practice facilitated in Emily's release of the 75 lbs. she had accumulated while pregnant and, more importantly, the alleviation of addictive patterns and psychic and emotional scars including panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder.

Emily is skilled in all levels of instruction from basic/gentle to advanced levels and power yoga. She has Yoga Alliance accredited 200-hr certifications in both Sampoorna and Satsang (Lisa and Charles Matkin) yoga and will be completing her 500-hr training through the Himalayan Institute in April of 2011.

Emily is known for her creative sequencing and direct yet thoughtful and specific instruction. She uses humor and honesty to support her students in discovering the grace in their own imperfections. Believing the most authentic teacher comes from within one's self and is slowly revealed and illuminated by the practice, emily's intention is to simply be a guide on that path.

"Everyone can benefit from yoga. The benefits may range from a simple healing of a physical ailment to a degree in which one's life is transformed and enlightened. Either way, every person should be given the opportunity to let yoga enrich his or her life experience."