Naperville : Jefferson Ave

Amy Brinkman

It’s amazing when one can find their passion and make it their work. My job as a yoga teacher does not feel like a job at all. I get to play every day. Having worked in the past as a medical social worker, school social worker and therapist, my love for fitness and yoga was always there, but it finally clicked one day to bring them all together in this incredible way of living… yoga.
Thinking only with our minds was what I thrived on teaching to others when I worked in the helping profession. I separated the physical body from the thinking mind and didn’t see the connection until I began to really surrender to my yoga practice. While at first it was just a way to “stretch out” after a day of lifting, it has now truly become a way of living. The harmony of bringing together body, mind and spirit is a way of becoming present to the gifts that we already have.
I have overcome obstacles that were holding me back in my life and I credit a regular yoga practice and wonderful teachers who guided me to stick with it, believe and be willing to see the truth and let go of perfection. Belief systems that I wasn’t even aware of had kept me from believing fully in all that I was capable of, and was keeping me from being present and loving the life that I had right in front of me. I learned that by simply staying consistent with my yoga practice, I was coming home to a connection to myself, which ultimately allowed me to let go of false perceptions I had created. Doors have been opening ever since. We have one life to live, so being fully awake and present to every bit of it, the good, the bad and the ugly and becoming in a state of neutrality and observance is an evolving process every day.
Once we believe we can, we are capable of anything! What brings me the ultimate joy is to bring this knowledge that I have learned to everyone that I can. When we are able to experience the truth of who we are, drop our masks and just “be” in the present moment, we return to this joy. I am extremely honored to guide others on their own journeys, knowing that one can never rush this process. I know I am doing something right, when a student learns to become their own teacher, and finds their own empowerment. We hit our mats, get into our physical bodies, and then begin to unravel back to the core of who we are. We do this one breath at a time. Breakthroughs happen on the mat, and then off the mat. Things that at one time seemed impossible are simply another way to become creative and move forward in our lives.
I have been blessed to have so many great teachers, many of those are the very students that I teach. This shared experience is one that brings a connection to us all. To be an ambassador for the wonderful Lululemon community in Naperville, IL is like the frosting on the cake. My wish is to bring the practice of yoga to as many people as possible as ultimately it brings a connection to us all, no matter what backround, religion, community you are from, we are all connected.
This year will bring even more exciting changes. I am growing and expanding with teaching yoga now on even bigger levels than before. There are things I’m scared to death to try, but I’m doing it anyway. I credit my yoga practice to my growth and shift in beliefs to keep moving forward and never let any doubts stand in my way. So many of us hold ourselves back due to old, stale thoughts, fears and doubts. Once we let go of them, it is like a light will turn on, a thousand weights are lifted off our backs. I am now unstoppable. Nothing anyone could say to me would make be believe any different. Yes there will be bumps along the way, but this wild ride called life is an adventure I am so thankful to be experiencing it… one breath at a time.