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Vincent Amendola

CorePower Yoga Minnetonka

Vinny began to practice Bikram Yoga in 2005. After exploring different types of yoga, he fell in love with Vinyasa flow. He completed the CorePower Yoga Teacher Training Program in the summer of 2009, the CorePower Yoga Extensions Program in the fall of 2009 and the CorePower Yoga Advanced Teacher Training Program in the winter of 2009. Vinny believes that the transformative properties of yoga make it an exceptional and powerful tool for self-development both physically and spiritually. He is continuously amazed by the positive and supportive energy of fellow yogis and is grateful to be able to inspire his students. As an avid animal lover, Vinny appreciates the interconnectivity of all beings and wishes for a world where happiness and freedom are a reality for all."I am passionate about yoga, aware of the energy that surrounds us and certain that peace begins inside our very own heart. Namaste."