Amy King

Hot Bikram Yoga Ascot Vale

Amy King has been a certified Bikram Yoga Teacher for almost 7 years, she is the Director of Hot Bikram Yoga Ascot Vale which was established 2 years ago. Amy prides herself on creating warm and friendly studio and brings together a fantastic team of very experienced teachers and friendly staff. Amy first started Bikram Yoga 10 years ago after constant knee and hip issues with running, still a very keen runner and 1 time Marathon finisher her knees and hips have improved dramatically since incorporating Bikram Yoga into her training. She truly believes Bikram Yoga is for everyone, no matter your fitness level, your age, your current state of health “I love watching my clients really adapting to the yoga, and watching their health and fitness improve is very rewarding”. Hot Bikram... Read the profile >>

Gabor Bukovinszky

Yoga Flame

Gabor studied Yoga in Florida with Jimmy Barkan for three years, completing his Level 1, 2 and 3 and Vinyasa Teacher Training in 2006. He also has studied in California with Shiva Rea and Twee Merrigan in Shiva’s Advanced Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training in 2007. Gabor’s classes are energetic and challenging. He strongly believes in yoga as a way to achieve balance in the mind and body and an ideal complement to any sporting endeavour. Read the profile >>