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Shari Thompson

Shari teaches at Yoga Life of Port Washington.

"Kentucky born and bred, I moved to New York 19 years ago and consider this my home. Movement and the art of movement have always been an important part of my life - I studied dance for almost 20 years and owned a dance and aerobics studio in Kentucky. About six years ago someone asked me to attend my first yoga class. I'd been studying pilates for five years and had practiced nearly every other form of exercise under the sun, so I figured why not give it a try. I went to Joanne's class with an enormous amount of reservation and doubt that I'd even like it - what a surprise I was in for. I felt great after class, invigorated, alive and happy. The people in class were friendly and encouraging, too. I knew decided that day to make yoga part of my life and with it, the community that came along with it. For me, yoga transcends physical fitness, it operates on so many other levels and truly does become a part of your life.
In July of 2007 I decided to take my yoga practice to the next level, enrolling in a 200-hour teacher training program at Om Yoga Center of New York City, directed by Cyndi Lee. I was certified in September and am a member of Yoga Alliance. The certification program deepened not only my knowledge of yoga and the beauty of this practice, but also my love and connection with all those around me. Yoga is my guiding force, my lifeline and my inspiration. Yoga has been a gift to me, one I look forward to sharing with others."

Shari lives right here in Port Washington with her 3 yo-guys - hubby, Will, and sons, Sam and Christopher.