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Jason Gershon

My name is Jason Gershon. I'm the Mixed Combat Arts coordinator at lifetime fitness. I've been doing martial arts my entire life, I can honestly say it has made me who I am today. It instilled discipline and self confidence in me as well as compassion at the same time . I was introduced to wrestling in 7th grade and never looked back. It was only natural to continue feeding my competitive nature into adulthood which is when I found the gentle art of Brazilian Jujitsu and found where my true passion lies. I have trained with world renound instructors Renzo Gracie and Matt Serra for the past ten years and in that time, honed my skills as an all around mixed martial artist. Today, I couldn't be happier, doing what I love, in a profession teaching mixed martial arts to others. Some of my classes include: boxing, brazilian jujitsu, mma conditioning, TRX & ViPR training. I love how the sport of MMA has evolved so much and i am truly blessed to be doing what i love every day.