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Blue Benadum

"Blue Benadum has been a local Malibu resident going on a decade now. He was lured from an adventurous and wild upbringing in Durango, Colorado and the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean to follow the surf. Like his father before him, who was an innovative board shaper in the late sixties and early seventies, Blue came to ride waves and work as a high end craftsman on Malibu homes. As sometimes happens, Blue found himself acting and dabbling in the Hollywood world for awhile before graduating himself back to the world of athletics and, specifically, marathoning. After a few casual marathons, Blue found himself to have speed enough to be competitive in many marathon distance races around the globe and currently finishes in the top 3 multiple times per year. He has run 12 marathons per year for the last 2 years and is continuing the trend this year while trying to get into the 2:30's(hr:min) for a personal record. In 2008 Blue created a team of friends and colleagues, named Forever Runners, to help him bring his marathon passion to Malibu. They were able to pull off the said to be impossible feat, because of permissions and permitting, of organizing the first annual Malibu International Marathon in 2009. Blue is also the head of the Forever Runners Coaching and Training program and works with individuals to reach their personal goals. Currently you can find Blue, when not running 80+ miles per week, racing from one adventure to the next, on a Harley or his classic Toyota Land Cruiser with surfboards strapped to the top, coaching other athletes, searching for waves, leading group runs and organizing the 2010 Malibu Marathon with a large coffee in hand! Whether in the mountains or on the beach, running streets or riding water, hanging out at the local spots or traveling the world, Blue retains the wildness of the wilderness he came from and brings it into every waking moment of the day." -Long time friend/colleague