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Case Belcher


Case Belcher is the owner and head coach of Four Barrel CrossFit. He opened the company in 2012 with the passion of bringing a 360-degree approach to fitness and nutrition to the Southern Indiana and Louisville Community.
Case has always had a zeal for coaching and teaching others. While in business school he worked as a personal trainer, and then started coaching CrossFit while working a corporate job after college. After being “chained“ to a desk for 3 years in the corporate world, he decided to follow his passion and opened ClarkFloyd in early 2012.
Overuse injuries from endurance training and a disdain for the “shortcut” mindset in the fitness industry is what brought Case to CrossFit. “No training methodology I had followed in the past focused on making individuals as well-rounded as CrossFit, I studied it, started using it as my method of training, saw great results and was hooked.”
Case is an avid sports and training enthusiast. He has competed in nearly every sport under the sun –from motocross, to team sports, to triathlons – and has followed and studied dozens of training philosophies in an attempt to find the best approach to lasting health and fitness.
Case’s current passion is teaching others a holistic approach to fitness via nutrition, strength & conditioning, and behavioral techniques. In his spare time he competes in CrossFit competitions, writes for Fitness Source magazine, and organizes CrossFit competitions as well as other health and fitness events.