Los Angeles


Cycle House

Aaron is a vaccines territory manager at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals by day, Cycle House instructor by night. He moved to Los Angeles 3 years ago from his home town of San Francisco. Aaron also played college football at UC Davis and has a passion for fitness. His intense style makes for an amazing experience every time he's at the House! Read the profile >>


Flywheel, Hot 8 Yoga

My classes are for everybody. When you walk into the room we are all one in that same moment. There are no labels. Everything is put aside as we get out of our heads. The practice is fun and spiritual, while still being physically demanding. There is a balance just like in life. And by the end of class we have reached a new beginning through transformation - a mental, physical, and emotional rebirth. Read the profile >>


FitMix Studio

OWNER at Fitmix Studio Born and raised in Stacyville, IA population: 481 Teaching style: Incorporates multiple disciplines, tough but nurturing, passionate but not too serious Loves: Popcorn, coffee, family, yoga and the outdoors Pets: Owns two cats and a rabbit The Jams: Music is the soundtrack for her life! Read the profile >>


Ustudio, Liberation, Boulevard Health Club

A Chicago native, Emilie discovered Vinyasa Yoga in 2004 at her hometown's Moksha Yoga Center, embracing the practice for its ability to harmonize her body and mind. Emilie found that her daily practice evolved well beyond her mat, becoming the missing link that instilled self-esteem during times of exploration and patience during times of expectation. Emilie is certified with Yoga Alliance after completing both the Yogaworks' 200-hour teacher training program and her additional 300 hour with Senior teacher Joan Hyman. She has extensively studied eastern philosophies abroad. Recently named lululemon Ambassador for their Robertson store, she is planning for in-depth study with the internationally renowned Tiffany Cruikshank, as well as her own retreats, workshops and special appearances,... Read the profile >>


Moksha Yoga LA

I love life...I love yoga. I see life as an incredible adventure. I hope to bring honesty, authenticity and lightness to my classes. Holding a space to let people explore...Their bodies, minds, hearts:) I did my teacher training in India and spent over 2 months traveling and exploring. I met many beautiful teachers there and had some incredible experiences. I love all forms of yoga and love to learn and grow as a teacher and a student. I've also spent time in Thailand, Japan, Loas, Korea and have enjoyed the challenges and gifts that opening your mind to different cultures and experiences bring. I LOVE teaching and hope to bring something a little different to each class: focusing on the breath, being here now, letting your practice be your own, and opening up fully to the experience... Read the profile >>


Moksha, City Yoga, Flywheel

Grant Mattos is a graduate of the 2010 City Yoga teacher training program, where he and his wife Christina spent their honeymoon. After pursuing and achieving his goal of playing professional football in the NFL, Grant left the game in 2007 and found himself on the mat. One of the many wonderful aspects of yoga that Grant enjoys is that it allows him to break down, acknowledge, accept, and let go of the self-constructed barriers that keep him from being his true self. Through passionate energy, clear instruction, and focus on alignment, he hopes to inspire others to challenge themselves daily by incorporating what they have learned on their yoga mats and using it outside in the world. Read the profile >>


Jake Ferree is a Yoga Instructor, Nationally Certified Personal Trainer and Recconective Healer with over 10 years experience in the fitness industry. Whether it's a yoga class or a private training session Jake speaks and teaches from his heart. You can easily tell that he has a passion for what he does. Jake's yoga classes are highly inspirational, he has a gift in combining a powerful fun flowing Vinyassa class with a subtle spirituality aspect that leaves his students not only feeling like they have had a tremendous workout but they also leave their practice with a greater sense of peace and joy. He educates from the inside out helping his clients and students achieve more results through a deeper connection and better understanding of their own body. Jake teaches yoga at... Read the profile >>