Lone Tree : Park Meadows

Sherif Sakr


Sherif is originally from Egypt but spent his formative years in Germany and Puerto Rico before his family settled in Cincinnati. Although he was educated as an engineer, his career transitioned from engineering to corporate sales and entrepreneurial business ventures. Sherif discovered yoga in 2006 and life has not been the same since. While working in commercial real estate investment, his yoga practice steadily became a bigger part of his life, as did Vedic Astrology. He completed his Astrology studies in 2009, which enabled him to read and interpret natal charts. Ultimately his interest in yoga caused him to complete his power teacher training certification. In teaching yoga, Sherif discovered an outlet to teach and connect with the yoga community in Denver. His business background and love of yoga led him to found ONE Yoga with his wife Heather Knight. ONE strives to bring together the ancient and the modern, and to make yoga relevant for the modern seeker. Classes, workshops, and teacher trainings have the intention to help students transform themselves and thus raise the vibration in Denver.