London : Masonville Pl.

Ruthie Goldman Van Wijk

What’s your full name?

Ruthie Goldman Van Wijk

Where did you grow up?

All over the United States, but mostly Corvallis, Oregon!

When and where did you first fall in love with yoga, sports or athletics? How did you get involved? How did it make you feel when you first began?

I first fell in love with yoga about 7 years ago, after my second child was born. Honestly, I got involved because the yoga class at the gym was at the same time that childcare was available! But I got strong quickly. I did things I had never done before and never knew I could do: headstand! crow! I felt powerful and like anything was possible.

What is your background (education, training, etc) that allows you to do what you do today? How could somebody else learn to do what you do?

I am a Baptiste Power Yoga certified teacher. I studied with Baron Baptiste at several trainings. All you have to do is take a chance and sign up for Level 1 with Baron and you are on your way! It is totally possible for anyone! And I honestly decided I would start a non-profit working in Palestine and Israel, and I did it. Absolutely anything is possible. Anything. Just ask, and people will help you!

What do you appreciate most about London and its community?

Maybe people who are raised here don't know, but London is an incredibly welcoming community! When I got married to Paul and moved here, I was welcomed by the London yoga community with open arms! It is so important to me to make my classes and my programs welcoming and accessible to everyone, and London really embodies that. I feel so lucky to live here.

What is the most important thing you would tell a beginner in your field?

Don't worry, everyone in the class you are walking into has been new to yoga. You are in good company! Give it a shot, laugh, breathe, and don't worry!

How do you cultivate a regular, useful practice yourself? What do you do on a daily basis that supports your pursuit?

I practice at home when I can't get to the studio. I owe it to myself, I owe it to my husband, I owe it to my children to practice, to breathe deeply, to take care of myself. It makes me a better person and gets me back on track!